Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thou shalt not d'lete thy exes

Hi readers! This has been the shittiest week of my life so far. I mean, its just the first week since we got back from the holidays and I'm already feeling distressed! WTH? And the person responsible for this is my ex Aidan. He has really been fucking with me a lot(just a figure of speech- NOT literally!) especially during the holidays and he really thinks I'm some kind of puppet! Well, Aidan, you son of a really good woman known as your mother, I'm not a puppet and you are not my puppeteer.

I checked my Facebook a few minutes ago and then i was about to go to his page so that i could check out his activities and  stuff (honestly i dunno why i care... but i do, sadly) and then i realized he DELETED ME! What an UNCLE FUCKER! OK, i know i shouldn't care but then OUCH. I'm human and when you delete me as your friend its really OUCH! Stupid B******!

So anyway tthat was one of a series of shit that ruined the beginning of my weekend. Fuck it.

The primary lesson in today's blog is.. Thou shalt not d'lete thy exes.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where art thou, Hol'days?

Yes, the question speaks for itself. I totally have no idea where the holidays have gone? My three week break took a hiatus when I just realised that I have a whopping two days to be lazy.

I hate the fact that at the beginning of the holidays, I had these amazing ideas on what I would be doing and one of them involved working on my Fashionland and Casual Couture line which I haven't done jack!

You know what? Today I'm definitely going to work on at least 3 dresses for fashionland and an outfit for Casual Couture.

Wish me all the best readers!