Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hi, people. Well, I'm not really in the mood to blog about anything at all, so if the tone of this post seems very, very monototnous, then deal with it. The title of this post says pretty much a lot. And yes, my ex-crush is effin TAKEN. Like, i thought that he was freaking single and shit and the n suddenly i lean that he is taken? WTH?

His best friend Rafa** came up to me, Mary** and  Marsha** as we were chilling in the Cafe after a long and tedious day of Semi Studying and then he started some small chat with Mary and yeah. So then Rafa mentioned that he was leaving to I-land and then Mary asked whether Hansen was going as well. Which would've been okay if the reply that Rafa gave wasnt accompanied with a long and suspicious look in my direction.  "No, he's actually waiting for his Gir...l...friend...." (Here he sweeps a really long look at me. ASSHOLE) and then turns his attention back to Mary.

Then later on Marsha sent me a sad faced expression and yeah, obvious much M???

so yeah, actually i would be lying to myself and everyone else if i said that i didnt give two horse's shit about it but the sad fact is that I DO CARE and that I was kinda "Ouch'd" by that fact... Is painful when you realise that the person you were hoping for things to kick off with are not really the people you should be with and not the right ones for you. My advice peeps: be careful who you end up crushing on cos the failure of that is a painful reality slapon your face.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Just Occured to Me

OH GOD! I feel so blinkin nauseaous right now, I cant believe it- Tomorrow is the only exam that i will never find easy at all i my life nor will i be confidently receiving an "A" for- ARABIC! Im so scared, my arms are heavy, knees weak, alms are sweaty, theres vomit on my sweater already.. Ok, ew, NOT true but still it DOES feel lke that to me.

So anyway, today, what did i do today? Hmmm...

Well I was thinking of changing the format of my blog so that it is concerned with what I do daily. Kinda like a diary because im not really bothered to actually keep a PHYSICAL diary due to the annoying fact that it is ALWAYS being read no matter what and where i hide it.  But that wont be taken into action right now, but later on, when i satrt the new semester and get the juicy details about everything. so yeah, right now im in  the computer Lab trying to get my bearings while typing this thing. Isnt it just amazing how one can get inspiration and then suddenly that inspiration dwindles away like it has never even been there before? That was what i experienced this whole week so far. I mean, right now i'm trying to juggle new book ideas and have already had a headstart on three books but im not really sure where to begin at all.

I mean should i just go ahead and like write it all down and then go on from there?

You see, thats the thing with the interention of the mind: you snap up whatever idea you have and then you wing it from there. I love modern minds.
Okay, todays, blog topic is "Something Just Occurred to Me" that boys are stupid. They have it all so easy on them, you know? I mean, they dont have to go around worrying about their weight because they do know that there is at least one beautiful girl in their lifetime that will ALWAYS love them no matter what! You never see that in a girl. It's either STAY THIN and Gorgeous or BE FAT and never get married. Bringing this up now was fueled by the matter of my little Cousin came up to me and asked me "Why dont you eat at night?" I stared at her for a really long time and i simply answered, "I want to be skinny". Then she looked at me and replied, "Me too. I want to be like you." So yea that was what prompted me to write about this.

But seriously the REAL reason why I named the topic as it is, is because i realised that my crush H** was just something i was infatuated with. its wasnt real or anything. It was just a silly schoolgirl crush that i had on Khaled and all the other guys in my high school knowing that i will never have them at all. The reason why i came to this conclusion is because after almost two weeks of NOT seeing him at all, i really didnt care less what he was doing, where he was or anything like that. And i even forgot how he looks like! (The fact that i dont perve on his Facebook page anymore makes it even more obvious that he was just a Spur of the Moment thing).

So yea, i hope you DO enjoy this post like you do all the other posts and yeah. take a lesson from this.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ecstatic beyond words!


It is now 05:19pm when this majestic incident happened.

Okay, it all started with me having the guts to actually send a FACEBOOK message to my crush and guess what?


I was soo happy, that i literally wanted to burst out of my skin and do the CanCan in the ITD department. I mean, can you imagine a joy more greater than getting a reply in the form of a smile from your crush! its awesome, right?


Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been a while eh?

Heeyy, people! How are you guys? I’m awesome! Well, I know, know, I’m about to be reprimanded for not blogging for almost five months. Haha Fame xx should be spanked! Basically, in these six months I have gone through many ups and downs and they have all led me to a very big significance- I should reach for my inner Zen.
[Deep breath]
But then, worry not, my fellow blog hungry people- your thirst of the inner workings of UIA through the private eyes of me, shall soon be curbed. I guarantee that. Okay, well I am currently in my second semester and its better if I told you very briefly about my first semester after Ta’aruf week. So basically, after Ta’aruf week, we started classes the following Monday and since it was our first time in the “BIG APPLE” we didn’t really know where the hot spots are. So we were practically Becky Bloomwood trying to find her way among the many branded stores in Milan, Italy.
My classes were so hard to find and some of my lecturers were a pain. Especially my Revelations as a source of knowledge lecturer, who annoyingly gave me a B+, when I rightfully should’ve gotten an A-. He was one stingy cow! It was during that time that I knew the inner workings of UIA, like really deeply. I knew who was dating who, who was seen selling themselves to minors and cougars in KL, and who had a crush on who.
It wasn’t easy at first, but later on, those people were very easy to spot. And it was during my ventures that I spotted the finest thing in UIA that comes under the in cognito name of Hansen** and he was the finest thing that ever got viewed by my scrutinous eyes. I mean, sure he’s hairy and stuff (hey, it’s not his fault he’s hairy, it’s his genealogy’s fault- he’s Indian by the way), which is a huge surprise to me because due to my obvious scrutiny and extreme criticism, I am automatically repelled by hairy guys, no matter how cute he is. But apparently, he seems to be the only exception. I don’t quite know why…

And oh my god! The cliques in the “BIG APPLE” are more complex and racially supreme than the ones in “BEVERLY HILLS” and the fact that they are also more fashionable and awesome. That’s cool. So yea, you wanna know more about who to hang out with and who to stay away from? That will be revealed in the next blog titled Cliques: Reloaded which will be out sometime this week, so watch out for it!

Well, that was my first semester, basically, and my second semester seems to be going down the drain as well. I mean, nothing interesting has ever happened and I am constantly being perved on by Ew people and yea, I’m STILL waiting to be hit on by any random hottie, especially MR. Hansen**. The thing about finally getting to know a new place is that if you get used to it everything doesnt seem so unusual and it gets really boring. But with a little dramatic-ness and cool friends, we can get through this, you know.
So that's all that can be summarized for now. More on my slowly depleting life will be emphaszed on later on.