Saturday, November 19, 2016

You Can't Help Who You Love...

i there peeps and creeps! Again, I know it's been a while since I have posted anything but I have genuinely had a writer's block for quite some time. Yes, I could've posted about the Elections and the fact that an Orange wearing a wig is now the new Antichrist President of the United States of 'Murica, but that would mean adding politics to my blog which I intend to avoid and wouldn't want to encourage here. Now, going back to the subject of the day: true love.

Now this is probably going to sound like the slogan to a Hallmark Valentine's Day movie, but... you can't help who you love. It's not your mind that chooses that individual for you, it's your heart. Which is why I despise it when a couple is being discriminated for choosing someone of a different race, age,orientation or nationality even. Who are you to criticize someone's choice just because you don't agree with it? Ok fine, I am no Mary Do-Gooder, and I have judged couples for their choices for partners before but I still try my best not to judge people for who they love. 

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me why I was attracted to my boyfriend who is White, and simply assumed I was hating my own race, I'd be a millionaire. And on top of that I can feel them judging me already. "Oh.. He's white. But what's wrong with our men?" This is probably the most annoying statement I have received. How dare you believe that I don't find men of my race attractive? I can name some of those that I find attractive too, except my heart hasn't chosen any of them. My heart has chosen someone who is a good match for me. Now why is that so hard for some people to accept and simply assume the worst out of it.

It's just sad to know that there are still people out there that are stuck in that mindset whereby the possibility of loving someone unfamiliar to them is either blasphemous or worthy of having you removed from their will. And what's innovative is that by 2030, there won't be one distinct race but rather a large majority of the world's population will be mixed. How amazing is that. I think it's time for even the most closed minded people to open up and accept that their daughters, sons and third gendered children will date without barriers. 

The point is, regardless of whoever you like (that boy you talk to in class, that coworker with the great smile, that DJ at the club you frequent, that construction worker down at your building or even that guy on the train who's the same age as your dad- as long as you are both consenting adults), do not let society or those around you make you feel guilty for doing so. Instead remember that this is the person you will likely spend your life with or even if it doesn't work out, the person you would have wonderful memories with and you and only you are in control of your happiness. 

So the next time someone speaks ill of your relationship, you can show them the door because outside is where they probably belong.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Stalker Series: Jason Momoa

Hello there wonderful readers and the whole wide world and welcome to another installment of The Stalker Series featuring you resident hulking barbarian long haired throat pulling bad boy... Jaaaaason Momoaaaaaaa. Yes, that's right. That guy who play your lovable Dothraki brute on Game of Thrones (Spoiler alert: He's dead). Same guy who played Conan in the latest movie remake of Conan the Barbarian. And (for those who were born from 1999 onward and still pretend as if they are 90s kids) also the same guy who played Hawaiian surfer Jason Ioane in Baywatch back in the late 90s. 

Ladies, (and men), let us take a moment to appreciate this beautiful creation. I mean, I could have him do chores around my house... shirtless... simultaneously doing the Haka and eating pop-tarts while at it. There is just something about him that just screams "Manly Man". SO brute-ish, bulky, effing gorgeous and so... rough looking, so RAW. Not to over glorify him but he is indeed a stunner.

I first came to know Jason Momoa in Baywatch- back when he had short hair- and looked really young and not a bulky as he does today. For those of you born from the late 90s onwards might not know what I am talking about but hey, that why Wikipedia exists- to remind you that the 90s did exist and people did have funky looking hair and TV was a mess of shows with terrible opening theme songs but again, what does this have to do with Jason Momoa? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. 

Jason then made some appearances in small not very mainstream movies and tv shows and had a starring role back in the days in a notable little TV series called Stargate where he played Ronon Dex (Ok, honestly speaking, I had no idea he was ever in Stargate until my boyfriend mentioned that to me because A. I was way too cool to be watching Stargate & B. I was way too cool to be watching Stargate). Recently he made a big break by landing a pivotal role in the acclaimed HBO TV show Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. Not only did he impress the masses with his barbaric slurs and violent encounters with not just his antagonists but also his love interest Daenerys, but he also managed to be relevant in Hollywood again by being cast as Aquaman (yes the ocean superhero often seen in green and yellow tights) in the DC live action movie cum 2018. 

He's also made a small appearance in this years. Batman vs Superman and will make an appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie in Nov 2017. Jason has come a long way from being that hot surfer teenager in Baywatch to being a world acclaimed and sought after actor in Hollywood. Not to mention the fact that he also creepily looks like that WWE wrestler Roman Reigns (they could pass off as long lost twin brothers)!

Now, as the gracious blogger that I am I will be supplying you with, for your viewing and stalking pleasure here are his social media pages for you to perv and leer at all his posts and photographs:

Ladies. You're welcome ;)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Healthier Alternatives

Hello whippersnappers and too-cool-for-school readers of mine! Oh? Well I can understand that confused expression on your faces as you read the title of this post. That's the same look everyone gets when they encounter the "H" word. And even worse, I have contracted the... sudden affliction to be... *gulp* healthy. Indeed I have joined the health wagon an decided to make some necessary health changes to my diet. Wow, diet. It's been a while since I heard that word. Well this calls for a little selfish backstory chronicling my weight episodes back in the days.

I was always a slim kid. I grew up thin and was very boyish figured up until the day I became a woman and then these inadequate pillows grew on my chest. That was when the curves started to appear. I have a fear of being overweight mainly because I believed no one would love me or find me attractive if I was overweight and it was this fear that made me observe what I ate and made sure I maintained my 50kg figure up until I was done with university. The last time I was on a proper diet was back in 2013 when I discovered that my hips had increased a little and made the bottom half of my body slightly disproportionate to the remaining upper half. And so I successfully weighed 52 kgs by the middle of 2014.  August 2014 saw me gaining weight and by the beginning of 2015 I weighed more. From that point onward I have gained a few more kgs and that is what fueled my decision to kill the fat and start 2016 healthily. (Well that and also wanting to fit into a smaller bikini for that beach vacation I'll be taking later in the year)

My boyfriend Cody** believes that I look great just the way I am, but then again, I feel like I need to cleanse the terrible spirits that have been in my body for a while. All the junk I've been eating need to be flushed out and dissolved into oblivion. Which is why I will be embarking on a full body diet cleanse starting from the 29th of February 2016. Now as of any other diet out there, It is important to do a trial run to determine if this diet is good for me. Hence, I will be conducting this trial for 30 days and by the end of 30 days, I will determine whether I am getting any results from this diet or perhaps I should move on to a better one. 

But what kind of diet would I be doing? Well with today's fitness obsessed craze going on, there are tons of different options when it comes to diets. Out of all those attractive choices, I decided to do a juice fast which is essentially me living on juice. How do I plan to implement that? Why, with this daily schedule consisting of juicing 3 times a day everyday. IF I feel hungry, I'll snack on fruit. This is of course with light exercise (i.e power walking, some 30 minute runs on the weekend) as I wouldn't want to lose my ASSets and boobs too. 

There we have it. The perfect plan for me to love 20kgs and reach my dream weight. 

All that's needed M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zoolander 2: The Review

[WARNING! ACHTUNG! ADVERTENCIA!: Definite Spoiler Alerts Ahead. Read at your own RISK]

Hi there, ye who came across this blog as one of the search engines pop ups  after searching for "Zoolander 2 free online streaming" (cheapskate!). After years -literally years-since my last movie review, I have decided to rekindle this dying category and do a review on a movie I watched exactly less than 30 minutes ago... Zoolander 2, starring, Dumb, Dumber and Moron.
For those of you who remember, there was a little known movie that was released in 2001 (*GASP* 15 years ago!!) starring Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and a slue of other actors called Zoolander. This move was basically about a materialistic and non-intelligent male model Derek Zoolander who took the fashion world by storm with his similar exactly the same I mean seriously all these looks are the same "various" looks aka Blue Steel  and Magnum to name a few, while successfully stopping the evil villain Jakobi Mugatu from killing the Malaysian (?) Prime Minister and taking over the world.

Zoolander 2 is all that minus the Malaysian Prime Minister and the addition of countless numbers of guest celebrities making it a mess. The first movie was really funny and served the purpose of entertaining the audience. Sadly, I can't say the same for the sequel. Talk about the over excessive use of celebrities! Every scene in the movie had a familiar famous face! Even Penelope Cruz, who I assumed went extinct with the dinosaurs, resurfaced as one of the lead characters! The plot of the movie basically revolves around Derek Zoolander having to save his (fat) son's life from the evil Jakobi Mugatu who escaped from prison in the most ridiculous fashion- yes a maximum security fashion prison.

The movie starts off with news of Zoolander being old news and irrelevant in the fashion world especially after his ill named learning center was destroyed due to poor maintenance resulting in teh death of his wife. He then disappears from the world and lives in exile somewhere. One fine day he receives a visit from Billy Zane who convinces him to model at a runway show by Mugatu's beau Alexanya who looks like a human version of diarrhea. So he teams up with the Hansel of lesser fame and get humiliated during the show. Zoolander and Hansel are then approached by B-list actress Penelope Cruz who also works for INTERPOL and are hired to help catch  someone who has been killing off the 'beautiful' people in the world including Justin Bieber (who dramatically gets shot at the beginning and dies after choosing the right Instagram filter for his selfie) to get the fountain of youth in their blood. A couple of feel good moments get thrown in and Zoolander now pledges to look for his son...

... who turns out to be less "cool" than he expected and also is the fountain of youth. As the movie progresses, we find out that Mugatu has been in cahoots with human diarrhea in kidnapping Zoolander's son, literally fattening him over the years at some makeshift orphanage just so that he can sacrifice him to a materialistic fashion designer cult (consisting of famous names such as Alexander Wang, Anna "The White Witch" Wintour, Tommy Hilfiger and several more). So in the end, the whole fountain of youth ideology was made up by Mugatu who simply wanted to gather all the designers in one place and kill them including his nemesis Zoolander's son. Nevertheless more revelations ensue as we find out Alexanya is actually Milla Jovovich fro the first movie, Mugatu's pet poodle is a dummy and Justin Bieber is a terrible actor. 

Overall I'd give the movie my personal rating of 5/10 simply because too much has been done to try to make it funny. Excessive puns, the overuse of celebrities and terrible jokes are the main focus of the movie. Zoolander is a far better movie than Zoolander 2, period. If you are thinking of watching this movie, then I'd recommend that you watch it in the confines of your own home by your illegally downloaded copy. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day Through The Years

Ladies and Gentleman. Females and Males. Sons and Daughters... it is that month of the year! The month that makes men sweat as they try to figure out how to please their missus. The month a man spends his entire salary on just to make that perfect date. The month containing that infamous date, the cruel and notorious.. February 14th, aka... Valentine's Day! *Shudders* [Insert sharp thriller killing scene soundtrack of your choice here].

Yes, February is the month of love and I remember back in the days when I loathed Valentine's Day and this was largely due to the fact that I was mostly alone and boyfriend-less and standing in hotel corners hissing at happy couples as they pass by. Ok, fine I didn't hiss at them... I scowled at them. It displeased me greatly to see the tall, leggy women prancing around with their boyfriends laden with ruby red roses. But now, I became one of those ladies... well I'm still working on the leggy part but you get the picture. 

Before my college years, Valentine's Day was pretty shitty for me. Being that girl with the gap in her teeth, no one wanted to date me. In our school, we had this secret admirer bullshit in which if you had a crush on someone in your school, you could send them secret chocolates, cards or whatever sweet item and it will be delivered to them instantly by the "cupids". Here, you could either go bold and reveal your name on the tag or be mysterious and keep your crush guessing while building up their self esteem that someone actually like likes them. Well unfortunately (actually, fortunately for me because none of the boys were my type during Valentine's Day), I received no such thing. SO Valentine's Day did suck for me in high school. 

Fast forward to my college years when Valentine's Day was slightly bearable because I wasn't the only one without a boyfriend or a crush to receive heart shaped gifts from. I had a score of friends who were my army of non-Valentines and we gloriously showed St Valentine the middle finger.... until the next year when I landed myself a boyfriend. Those girls were dead to me as soon as I bagged myself a mister. I know, I know, sisters before misters but screw that, I had someone who could give me roses and a nice dinner and gifts. The problem was that we started dating after Valentine's Day and have broken up before the next one, so dammit, there went my chance. 

Few years after that I was on an anti-men campaign and refused to date, mate or relate with any man until I was thirty. I frequented bars with my close friend, and we had more fun focusing on ourselves than being concerned with happy couples and roses. During those years, Valentines Day was a myth for me and all this love that was spread around and apparent in the faces of the youth at the malls was an illusion. Nothing could make me like Valentine's Day ever again... well until now. Now that I have met the guy of my dreams, my concept and expectations of Valentine's Day have shifted. From fancy dinners, expensive gifts and whatever materialistic romantic crap they showed in the movies to just having the person by your side watching a pirated movie and eating chips off our chests constitutes the perfect Valentine's to me.

I have ceased to be the Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentine's Day and have become more accepting of it. Admittedly, all I ever wanted- despite the shows of hatred and dislike for the day- was to have a memorable Valentine's Day with the right guy by my side. Luckily for me, that will be true in every sense of the way in a  few days. I hope this post inspires you to take the initiative to actually enjoy Valentine's Day this year and the coming years too. Anything you'd like to share about Valentine's Day in general or your personal experience with Valentine's Day? Hit me up in the feedback form below and Hopefully I can get the 3 best ones into my next post. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

...2016 So Far

Hello there readers, stumblers and even you, who randomly stumbled onto this blog after searching for something totally unrelated. and welcome to 2016! I mean, can you believe it's already 2016? I am still writing 2015 whenever I date something down (and then hastily complete the gap in the number 5, making it a 6). Time has really flown so fast and so much has happened to me the end of 2015 entering 2016. All of these occurrences have been both personal and professional, also things that could've been avoided or not. Now let's proceed to what has happened to me in 2016 so far in the form of this very precise and straight to the point list:
  1. I got sacked , relieved, left, it's complicated from my job,
  2. I made a huge step in my relationship history, 
  3. I now have more options to look at.
I got [it's very complicated]from my job 
  • Well the source and cause of this is rife with mystery up until now but somehow I am trying to understand the core component of this. Based on the facts that I have received that led to this, I was unfortunately framed for a "suspicious" activity within the company which led to my recent dismissal from work. Alternatively I have  *Cameron, the same one mentioned  the post before this , who has held a grudge against me since I decided it was better for me to leave anyway. Actually, I don't understand why I am stressing so much about this, this came at about the same time I wanted to voluntarily leave and now with this and recent events happening in the company actually confirmed that it is a great choice for me to leave. Yes, my work permit will get cancelled and yes, I will be unemployed for a while before I can bag the job of my dreams. 
 I made a huge step in my relationship history
  • I always love talking about my relationship because it's the only thing in my life right now that's going very well. *Cody and I are doing very well,  thanks for asking, and as I write and post this we are currently in our eighth month together. This LDR is going very well, better than any of us expected and we always make time for each other. Like every couple, we do have some misunderstandings and some small arguments but we are able to gloss over that successfully and move on, learning from that. So the huge step that I took is that I visited Cody in Germany. Why this was a huge step is because I have never traveled so far to see someone I love who wasn't related to me. I was in an unfamiliar country, an unfamiliar environment, an unfamiliar culture and all this was novel to me. I. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT. It was very eye opening, not just because I had the gallant opportunity to live with his parents and family but also to experience the German life. This huge step was essential to me to see where he comes from and the first step to immersing myself in his culture. 

I now have more options to look at
  • And those options are: a new and snazzy job and/or finally pursuing my Masters degree in Germany. Alright, before you raise your eyebrows so high they literally join your hairline... I have decided to pursue my Masters. Fine, I know previously, I said that I would rather manually remove each and every one of my teeth with any painkillers before I ever thought of doing my Masters but, but, but, you guys! I realized that you do need a Masters degree not just to elevate your educational status  but also to give you the opportunity to learn something else. This revelation I admit came about a few months ago and since tuition free education exists, I figured, in my current financially deprived state, I should go for it. Back to the job part, I landed an interview with a young, budding company in online media advertising after speaking to the founder & CEO on Facebook. The first interview went very well and she was impressed with my manner of conversing down to the design of my CV which she admitted stood out from all the CVs she had seen. I have also landed a second interview with her this coming week which I am looking forward to (will post updates about that in consecutive posts).
So ultimately 2016, you have been a major BITCH with constant PMS.  I have had good times with you and bad times too.  I know it's only been 17 days so far but, cut me some slack, man. 

As of now, what I wish from 2016 are Prosperity (in Love & Life), Good Health, Personal Growth, Surviving 2016 with memories and surrounded by fantastic people. 2016, show me that this is my year! Happy New Year to all of you (Yes I'm late, the world won't end)!

 ** Names have been changed to protect the identity of the person and frankly it's none of your business. I mean, why should you know? How will that add to your life? Huh? Huh?