Monday, May 23, 2011

WTF happened to Hot Tickets?

Good afternoon readers. Today was a really grumpy day for me and yea most of it is attributed by the fact that i can freaking get any more Hot Tickets! What the fuck? Why the hell did those shops ever run out of something that is so like a drug? Well, for some of you out there who have never heard of these amazing creations of humanity since... (Marijuana?)... well, that, HOT TICKETS are basically the Holy Grail of the young adult. They offer the cheapest texting and calling services and they range from RM 6 to RM60 i guess. And trust me you can text your whole lifetime with these babies. And those bitches have the NERVE to tell me that they ran out of them? HUH!!! now you get why I'm so shit pissed at them! So people below are exhibits of different types of hot tickets that can be bought. 

Above, we have the lowest you can get for a hot ticket which is RM6. And this will get you up to 300 SMS's, 20 minutes talktime and it lasts for four days. Pretty cool huh? And the BEST part is that you can send those 300 messages to ANY other network and you can call to ANY number (but unfortunately not the outside numbers though ....[sad face] )
Then comes the second cheapest Hot Ticket which is worth RM8 and it lasts you seven days which is much better compared to the standard top up that costs RM 10 and is supposed to last 7 days but lasts earlier than that due to incessant texting and calling.

The next baby is the rm 15 one which grants more talk-time and the standard 300 texts. soooooo worth it aite? I know that those in America or anywhere else besides Malaysia are wishing that they lived here in Malaysia due to the fact that our mobile companies are not money laundering philistines like T-Mobile or any other company who follow suit.

 This is the RM20 version of the Hot Ticket which offers a lot more SMS'ing and minutes and also includes a 1 day internet surfing card as well as a an hour's worth of home internet surfing :) Bestnya! 

 But my most frequently used and most favorite Hot Ticket of all is this one: 
This baby is the best out of the bunch! offering 1000 mind blowing SMS's to ANY network is just too much! I nearly expired with shock at how affordable it was and efficient too! Though the calling is kinda little but i guess the SMS's compensate for that. Which in the end IS good cause im not that much of a caller. Im more of a texter.
So in the end my minions- which Hot Ticket R U?
So those who are jealous of our texting ease and comforts then keep on dreaming cause your country will never have something as brilliant as this!

I'm Out! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Please DO watch PRIEST!

Morning readers :) Some words of wisdom from me, Jenny. To my Malaysian friends, yesterday was the holiday for the Buddhists/Hindu people known as Thaipusam. My Indian friends and readers would understand this but my American/ European friends might not have a clue what this is and why it's a holiday... Well, its this holiday whereby...well... I don't really know what this holiday's about but i guess it involves those followers of Buddha laying around making extra prayers and chilling...

So since yesterday was a holiday i decided, what better way to spend a holiday if not with your loved ones :) So i rang up my boo (hm.. we'll call him Aidan**), Aidan and we both hit the Pavilion mall in search of the most amazing movie in the whole millennium.  The movies list was bunch of  Chinese Sad operas that had those annoying subtitles, and one super exaggerated Indian film with the over-exaggerated poster flanked by the over-exaggerated pose of its darling melodic actors/actresses. Then my eyes flitted down to probably the ONLY English movie showing at that time. And that movie, besides the lameass Water for Elephants starring the lamest people in the world, was... Drumroll please!

Priest. 3D. D'ohhhh...

Even better those movie making bitches decided to reduce our overall brain capacity and eyesight by making it in 3D!!!! WOW!!! I would rather watch a whole documentary about Robert Pattinson and his life in the slow lane aka wherever he's from. Frankly speaking this movie was all action, vampires, action, more vampires with sinus problems and over-excessive drooling and then the (Not so) hot lead actor who has ZERO emotion. The plot is like any typical Twilight movie wannabe. Its corny, predictable and a waste of RM20. So if you do feel like watching that movie then go ahead... just dont ignore the voice in your head that warns you to be dumb-i-fied forever. 

So yeah that's my take on that movie. And i hope this review has been and IS an enlightenment for you and everyone else who you have shared it with. the worst cinema to watch a movie from... TGV. The best cinemas to watch movies from would be... Cathay and GSC. :) 

Have a wholesome day and yes, im off to have a life which YOU should too! 



I Know, I Know...ZIP IT!

Yo, peeps! Whats up? Its been approximately 30000000000000 years since i posted here... but here's the thing you people have to understand- I was very busy with college shit like naked Greek parties, and bong wars and yeah, the usual shit that transitions a normal college student into an emerging future career-ite. 

My life had taken the wrong turn down the wrong lane these past few months- only to emerge into an unbelievable river of happiness :) These past months that in which i have shamelessly ignored my blog has been the most torturous months of my life. I mean can you seriously IMAGINE not being able to blog for a really long time!!! Crap, its almost like living without a heart for years...which is what i have been doing until i recently shared one with someone.  I even went far as to betray this blog and have started keeping a diary. Blog, you are ultimately free to murder this  sinful master of yours. I know, I'm such a bitch. Shoot/kill me now...The choice is yours.

You know the saying invented by Eminem that goes " my shoes just to see what it's like to be me,". That was how my situation was for the past say four months. It has  literally been a roller coaster ride of pain, misery, and shit filled days when you just want to drive a nail through your throat... oh wait straight to the life center (the heart).yeap, that's a hint to be prepared and to alert all the jugular veins and life supporting veins too. In this sad time of my life, i actually considered getting rid of this blog (GASP! i know!) but then i encountered many many many things that happened in my life and now that i'm unavailable to the dating industry..hehhee.

So anyway this is an introduction and a guarantee that i solemnly SWEAR to write at least ONCE a week in this blog in the hopes of being discovered and emerging as the voice of Tanzania. :) And then hopefully a fashion designing contract with Marc Jacobs will follow suit.

Well, i can always dream rite?