Saturday, November 8, 2014

5 Most Memorable Dates this year

I have been on terrible dates and I have been on great dates.I have been on pleasant dates as well as disastrous gun-to-the-head dates. The title of this post entails my top 5 most memorable dates this year. Yes, the dates I will tell you about are memorable but they could either be in a good or bad way. In most cases in a bad horrible traumatizing way, and in others, a good way. To clarify, I don't date much. After the horrible breakup I had three years ago, I lost all faith in men and would rather not get into anything. Cumulatively, in the past 3 years I have gone on less than 10 proper dates. I'm serious when I say this. Not Joking. It's not for lack of good looks (*Ahem* I'm a bombshell, thank you very much), but rather for lack of trying or bothering.

Dating is probably the cruelest game that anyone can play. More often than not, most dates usually end up in uncertainty and mixed feelings or in some very rare cases, regret and resentment. Only very few dates will end up in positive feelings towards that person. It is also a known fact that dates can either be implicit, i.e. both parties assume/hopes it's a date, but it hasn't been outwardly stated that they are on a date, or explicit i.e. both parties are aware that they are on a date and one of them have outwardly stated that this is a date.

Seeing as I've just started slowly getting back on the date wagon this year, I'd like to recount the five people I've been on dates with so far this year. Their identities will be concealed to protect their dignity and save face so here we go!

1) William
William was a Scandinavian guy that I'd met off Tinder (back when I still had an account there). He was not so bad looking, pretty decent profile description and his opening line was very simple ("Hey there, beautiful! Wanna go out for a drink?"). Everything I described about him was in relation to the photos he posted on Tinder. In person, he was short-er than me, had long blonde surfer hair that was tied back into a sleazy ponytail and as bad as this makes me look, he didn't look like he had very good hygiene. That is to say he smelled pretty bad, beard looked like it hadn't been brushed or washed and had the breath equivalent to King Tutankhamen's thousands of year old toilet.I almost reeled in disgust when he came close to me and started to speak.

Admittedly when I first spied him in the corner, I wanted to run away but I woman'd up and reassured myself that it was his character that counted.... which brings me to how the date went. The date was a disaster up until the moment he started speaking. He was is very creepy. He has these eyes that just rove up, down and around my entire body. Overall it was a bad date and I really wanted to get out of there. We wrapped it up in 2 hours and (finally) we parted ways and never spoke to each other again.... or so I thought! The next morning, I received a text from him describing how he had a great time and all that and I expressed my gratitude at being able to meet him and blah blah. Then he did the one thing I despise- he wrote how much he wanted to kiss me and have sex with me. That was the last time we ever communicated up until today. 

2) Kaleb
Kaleb is another guy I met on Tinder, from Poland and he looked really hot in his Tinder photos. All dark featured, and built and all that. But in person, he was just normal. He's working in my city as an Oil and Gas systems something at the biggest Oil and Gas company in my current country. When he first shouted me out he was sarcastic and a fucking douchebag too. But strangely, instead of blocking him, I was immediately riveted to his profile and continued talking to him. We went out on 3 dates and they all ended very swimmingly. None ended in a kiss because I felt like we were more suited to being friends than anything more. Up until today, Kaleb ad I do occasionally hang out and communicate because we honestly connected very well. But as I stated before, we are more suited to being friends. I just realised that I could not like him any more than just being friends. That was it. Nonetheless I made a good friend and meeting him was definitely memorable.

3) Oliver
Oh Oliver, sweet, sweet Dutch Oliver. Oliver and I met when I was over in Singapore for a vacation at the beginning of the year and it was mostly coincidental and NOT from Tinder.  I was at that phase in my life whereby I wanted to be a lone traveler and explore the world on my own. I had been to Singapore prior to that but never alone. So I went there by myself and started sightseeing. It was while waiting for the line at a tourist attraction there that Oliver and I locked eyes. We awkwardly looked at each other and then he approached me. Hence, we started talking and decided to tour Singapore together. It was amazing... until I found out that he was FUCKING RICH (Just to clarify, I don't care about a guy's money)! He had a driver that drove him everywhere and paid for everything with a card. It was fun while it lasted since the next day he had to leave to the Netherlands. But then I met him again and again after that as he occasionally visits my town. I'd say we are more friends than anything else and I'm so glad I got to introduce him to my life. 

4) Ivan
This was by far one of the most memorable dates that I could ever have gone on (save for the few that I've mentioned in previous posts). I met him on a couchsurfing website (please Google it- too lazy to describe it).Ivan is by far one of the funniest, charming as well as handsome men that I've ever had the grace of knowing. He's from Ireland and (thankfully) Doesn't look like a leprechaun. We spent one day touring the city and yet I still remember him up until today as does he. We basically pulled pranks on people, laughed at people and had plenty of fun. I have never forgotten that day and never will forget that day! He even gave me online Irish Skype lessons! We do chat every once in a while now and hopefully when I embark on my year long Euro trip in the near future, I will be able to meet him and catch up.

5) Jake
Jake, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for being brutally honest, so read at your own risk. 

Now, Jake and I met about two months ago and for the full story of our date, visit this link. He's from Manchester in the UK and I met him on OkCupid. So far we've been on an uncountable amount of dates and so far they've all went well. Now here comes the crushing blow, the first time I met him, when we were out on our first date, I didn't think I would be going out with him again. He smoked (trying to quit now) and that put me off. Very much. But when he asked me out again, the next day, I figured why not? He had been a great guy save for the smoking bit and up until today I am so glad I said yes. And everyday after that, I've always anticipated hanging out with him. Why? Because he's wonderful. Kind. Pleasant. But broken. Broken in the sense that he is still trying to latch himself away from his ex and whatnot and I do believe that my role right now would be to support him and give him the time he needs in order to rebuild himself. Establish himself. Not be a selfish bitch about it. That's how these things work. And that's how positive results come by.

I would say these mixtures of good/bad dates have taught me a lot about what to expect in the future when it comes to dating. It also gave me some experiences worth writing about :) Hopefully the dating future will hold mystical wonders and nautical misdemeanors for me . Until then, au revoir.

For F*ck's Sake! Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

Good afternoon world and welcome to #RantHour. #RantHour is a moment in a post whereby I basically complain about the moral wrongs of society, the government and people in general whilst questioning the humanity in some people. #RantHour might even consist of some heated opinions that I will share in regards to food, life and the class system today. As political and boring at that sounds, worry not! I have always pledged to make anything I write sound interesting and less painful to your eyes because I care about my readers (yes, even you who accidentally stumbled upon this blog). 

Today's issue I would like to rank about is quite close to home. I'd like to bitch about the blatant disregard for the disabled in society. Where I'm currently living, it's not strange to see one or two mentally challenged individuals walking on the streets. But when these mentally challenged individuals have to work for a living without any support from the government whatsoever, it becomes a major issue in my eyes. Maybe to some, I'm making a big deal out of virtually nothing but I do believe that these people need to have a certain stature in society. 

They shouldn't be neglected at all. They shouldn't be reduced to doing odd jobs on the streets just to feed themselves. At the same time, face major abuse on the streets by people who are fucking heartless little shits who should have their genitalia chopped off for their negligence. They need some sort of aid from the government or at least some kind of functional system that also works for them so that they are able to make a living not from doing odd jobs on the streets. Isn't it enough that these people are already going through their own daily personal struggles? Must they be subject to street abuse and neglect all because they are trying to survive? Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? 

In the country I'm currently living in, the government would rather increase the price of fuel by 20cents and then siphon that money into their own personal pockets rather than allocating at least 5cents of that into a very small fund that can be used to provide for these people. Or perhaps into building a center that caters to these people as they are human and shouldn't be ignored because they can't speak up for themselves. I wish there was something that I could personally do about it but unfortunately as a foreigner here, my freedom is speech is very restrictive and could cost me my life or life in prison. 

It infuriates me how silent the people are! They are either too afraid to speak or too ignorant to give a fuck. I just wish someone would speak up and defend the honor and rights of these unfairly treated souls. They deserve better than this. They definitely do. Now, before you start giving me shit about, "Hey, why don't YOU do it!?" or "Stop talking about it and do something already!", I'd have you know that I mentioned the repercussions of me voicing out my opinion in this country so unless you suddenly turned blind mid-reading, I suggest you re-read this post and find it. *Smiles*

As I type this paragraph, I am currently working on uniting my friends and coming up with a proposal we can present to the humanitarian aid societies here in this country and then they can work towards raising this issue with the Government. Hopefully everything works out because I don't think I can take another minute of this atrocity, injustice and unfairness. For those of you who have been freaked out by the humanitarian side in me, don't be. As shocking as it might be to you all,  I have always been someone who likes to see a better world for everyone. This means taking part in environment saving activities and etc. So once in a while, instead of those posts concerning my unsuccessful love life and misdemeanors, you will see humanitarian posts like this.

[I am currently working on a pledge to save the Wolves in North America who are being hunted down and killed by poachers for no reason at all.]

Hopefully I can get this achieved by next year. Wish em luck, peeps!