Sunday, January 17, 2016

...2016 So Far

Hello there readers, stumblers and even you, who randomly stumbled onto this blog after searching for something totally unrelated. and welcome to 2016! I mean, can you believe it's already 2016? I am still writing 2015 whenever I date something down (and then hastily complete the gap in the number 5, making it a 6). Time has really flown so fast and so much has happened to me the end of 2015 entering 2016. All of these occurrences have been both personal and professional, also things that could've been avoided or not. Now let's proceed to what has happened to me in 2016 so far in the form of this very precise and straight to the point list:
  1. I got sacked , relieved, left, it's complicated from my job,
  2. I made a huge step in my relationship history, 
  3. I now have more options to look at.
I got [it's very complicated]from my job 
  • Well the source and cause of this is rife with mystery up until now but somehow I am trying to understand the core component of this. Based on the facts that I have received that led to this, I was unfortunately framed for a "suspicious" activity within the company which led to my recent dismissal from work. Alternatively I have  *Cameron, the same one mentioned  the post before this , who has held a grudge against me since I decided it was better for me to leave anyway. Actually, I don't understand why I am stressing so much about this, this came at about the same time I wanted to voluntarily leave and now with this and recent events happening in the company actually confirmed that it is a great choice for me to leave. Yes, my work permit will get cancelled and yes, I will be unemployed for a while before I can bag the job of my dreams. 
 I made a huge step in my relationship history
  • I always love talking about my relationship because it's the only thing in my life right now that's going very well. *Cody and I are doing very well,  thanks for asking, and as I write and post this we are currently in our eighth month together. This LDR is going very well, better than any of us expected and we always make time for each other. Like every couple, we do have some misunderstandings and some small arguments but we are able to gloss over that successfully and move on, learning from that. So the huge step that I took is that I visited Cody in Germany. Why this was a huge step is because I have never traveled so far to see someone I love who wasn't related to me. I was in an unfamiliar country, an unfamiliar environment, an unfamiliar culture and all this was novel to me. I. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT. It was very eye opening, not just because I had the gallant opportunity to live with his parents and family but also to experience the German life. This huge step was essential to me to see where he comes from and the first step to immersing myself in his culture. 

I now have more options to look at
  • And those options are: a new and snazzy job and/or finally pursuing my Masters degree in Germany. Alright, before you raise your eyebrows so high they literally join your hairline... I have decided to pursue my Masters. Fine, I know previously, I said that I would rather manually remove each and every one of my teeth with any painkillers before I ever thought of doing my Masters but, but, but, you guys! I realized that you do need a Masters degree not just to elevate your educational status  but also to give you the opportunity to learn something else. This revelation I admit came about a few months ago and since tuition free education exists, I figured, in my current financially deprived state, I should go for it. Back to the job part, I landed an interview with a young, budding company in online media advertising after speaking to the founder & CEO on Facebook. The first interview went very well and she was impressed with my manner of conversing down to the design of my CV which she admitted stood out from all the CVs she had seen. I have also landed a second interview with her this coming week which I am looking forward to (will post updates about that in consecutive posts).
So ultimately 2016, you have been a major BITCH with constant PMS.  I have had good times with you and bad times too.  I know it's only been 17 days so far but, cut me some slack, man. 

As of now, what I wish from 2016 are Prosperity (in Love & Life), Good Health, Personal Growth, Surviving 2016 with memories and surrounded by fantastic people. 2016, show me that this is my year! Happy New Year to all of you (Yes I'm late, the world won't end)!

 ** Names have been changed to protect the identity of the person and frankly it's none of your business. I mean, why should you know? How will that add to your life? Huh? Huh?

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