Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Pain of Bitchy and Witchy relatives

1st AUGUST 2009
Hey bloggers whats up? well I am currently writing this blog from the Internet Cafe in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Wow! Im all qatar'd out from the airplane ride! I mean seriously riding an Airplane is MURDER! I mean the food is GREAT, dont get me wrong, and the inline food is just fantastic buut its really the jet-lag that kills you first..


So, anyway the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Qatar was like 7 hours and the flight from Qatar to Tanzania was like 5 hours of bored fun. why? Because my brothers and i were seated together and we kept making fun of and observing a guy in the front-right seat (who resembled a WWE wrestler named Christian Cage and so we named him just that) whose idea of fun was to sleep and snore which was funnyif u had been there.

The first time i arrived in Tanzania i was shocked at the quick change that it had been through in such a short time! i mean OMG the place was literally a slum now. Like the internet connection is crap and there is the ever expanding increase of mosquitoes and there was the daily electric shortage and water shortage too. That was really strenuous. And imagine, the day after i was sent to my Aunt Sandra who im not ashamed to say is not very rich and she is a real life, not-a-joke WITCH. Yea, a witch like not the black-robe-clad witch but the disguised voodoo witch and somehow in front of my dad, she loves me but when my dad left to his work area (my dad lives in Dodoma which is another region) she treats me like crap. so yeah i am a victim of verbal and sometimes physical abuse. 

Well, there was this one time that i was mopping the floor and then she deliberately knocked me over causing me to knock out my tooth. Tha was seriously some painful shit. And then when i left her house and moved to my own house in dar es salaam she did some voodoo shit on me that from then on till god knows when i will feel some dental problems and due to her stupid and mean voodoo i am now supposed to extract four of my teeth and to fill one...

How much witchier can a relative get?

Go figure. Anyway the days went fast and of course i met a few cute guys namely Hassan, Sabry, Abdul, Gustave, Mike, Ulysees, Abdallah, Matt and the rest and the one that i m very close to is Alex. Who is my sort-of boyfriend too. 

So my witchy grandmother caused so much pain to me than i have ever imagined before and gess what its all for....
...OUR HOUSE. She wants our house. Like its some big deal! She practically hates my mom and everyone else soo yeah thats the case. I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me because for me its just a test from God and its one that requires patience and skill. And i think i passed. well that was what happened during the first few months and then there was the death of MJ that was also on the day of my Best friend andrea's birthday. How glum is that? i Mean if that was me i would do a tribute to Michael jackson kinda thing.

All in all the first few months were awesome and so bloggers i shall entertain you with the next few months of my travels soon okay lets take this as an Tanzanian overdrive...ahahah...

Remember to live life, breathe air and somehow you'll get there. 


U know u love, LOVE, LoVe me...


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