Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cliques Declassified in UIA, Part II: The MISSING ONE

Hello my faithful readers. Im back with part II of the previous posts and damn are there more cliques in UIA and now they have their own leaders who will be identified so that u can either avoid these groups or join them. Here's the glitch!


Well I'm willing to bet that the first thing that popped into your

mind was this guy wasnt i right?

Hah thats not what i meant by "ET". What i'm talking about are these people here...

They are basically the most dangerous creatures in the vast jungles of UIA. They dominate the darket corners of every retaurant and they are the kings of the alleys. They have enough emosity to defeat Darth Vader himself- but watch out- they're recruiting new members. It doesnt matter how you behave as long as you meet their requirements of having sloppily greased and gelled hairthat hides half their faces, smarmy and depressing grins on your face and an everlasting supply of pot Oh- and very tight pants. They also dominate the Malay convenience store.

Appearance: Long greasy hair plastered with oily gel falling on their faces, very tight and size xxxxxxxxxxxxxxs pants that highlight unwanted parts that need not be viewed, pale-ish skin littered with sprinklings of pimples, NOTE that everything they wear is black...or very tartan... tartan shoes is a must for them.

What NOT to do around them: Avoid expressing any varied form of happiness/joy/enthusiasm or love. An Never start the conversation with "You know what i did today...[This is uttered happily]". And whenever there is happy news to be passed around, avoid smiling when presenting this news.. make as miserable a face as possible. Trust me.

How their conversations usually go:

  • Emo A: "I got an A for my Maths...."[said depressingly]
  • Other Emos: "Great...let's cut each other's wrists to celebrate..."[Depressing silence follows]

thats basically iiittt....

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