Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello bloggers. today the topic is as you see it and it concerns old cushes. You know, the hot new guy from high school, or the hot senior who you think likes you or the cool eye-popping-hotshot-rich-hot-bodied school jock? Well crushes dont necessarily have to be on the hot and popular guys. They can even be on the quiet/nerdy/hardly noticeable-around-school person, or even on a teacher too!

We all have crushes, whether new or old it doesnt matter. I admittedly, also have several crushes, most of them in high school and actually im not going to censortheir names here and amazingly all of them didnt work out. Why? Because thats the magic of having a crush- it never works out (unless you're really lucky). Out of all my crushes the only one that nearly worked out was my crush on a guy in high school named Pontus Segernas (who was swedish and cute): The day before he left i actually made up my mind to tell him that i have a crush on him but then unlucky me, he left the next day and that was the first time i actually shed tears for a guy.

The second time i actually shed tears was for a guy named Khaled Sabry in high school. He was under the new student category and he was tall, handsome and cute! And at that time i thought he was single. So i told my close friend Callie about it and then she awkwardly told me that he was dating her. I was perplexed and at the same time CRUSHED. I muttered a confused "congratulations" and then mopily went home. As soon as i reached home i poured my eyes out to my mirror and i was sorta mad at callie for not telling me and for dating him behind my back. But then friends are more important than a guy rite? So then i resumed our friendship and yea that was it. no more khaled.

Then i came to university and i literally fell in love with this guy called Baltabaev Mirlan. Hwta did i see in him? he was suave 9though a bit blur sometimes), tall (not LeBron tall) and he was TDH (tall, dark, handsome). But then , well, it didnt work out between us and i guess it never would've worked out. And now i thank god for this Jewel (ALEXxoxo) that he has bestowed upon me and i will take care of it as hard as i can.

Now the inspiration for today's topic came when my ex-Crush decided to chat with me on facebook after sev eral years of not communicating. We really had a heart to heart talk but all the while that i was talking with him i felt like i was holding back- like something heavy was weighing down my chest and i knew what it was. And i needed to get it out.

And i did. i told Khaled that before i had a crush on him. His reaction was funny. At first he was shocked and then jittery and then all smiles and he replied "awww.... i am so sorry. that is really awesome of you to tell me". I lol'd and then he confessed his struggles and the pain he's going thru rite now and the rest. But then i told him that even if we did end up together before, it would never have worked out at all because right now he broke up with Callie.

In some ways when we do end up with a gud thing we are grateful for the failed crushes or accomplishments from before because if it never failed the good thing wouldn't have come right?

u know u love me... xoxo

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awww... but hey, all those which didnt worked out lead to a sudden cool person 2 come about! isnt dat juz awesome?

i'm waitin fer dat 2, but for now im chillin with me, myself n i xD