Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ta'aruf an [Un]-Major succces!

Hello, readers, if none of you are familiar with UIA's recent Ta'aruf week then too bad- you wont know what im talking about then but just read on cos its juicy!

[Definition] Ta'aruf: in other words initiation

[Taken from Sean's Dictionary of Academics]

Well, sadly i didnt attend the first day of taaruf mainly because it was the administration's fault! I mean we like totally asked them on Registration day when Taaruf would be and the lady who apparently "runs the place" told me that she had no idea when it was (And believe me she said it with that blank expression that M****s seem to have when they have no idea what you're talking about- yea that one) ! when the actual truth is that hello it was the next day! I mean sheesh! Talk about pain in the ass! And whats worse is that they seem to imply that it my fault for not knowing or having some ESP that tells me that yesterday was the beginning of taaruf day! somebody shoot me!

And so my journey to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue started from the Main building, through confusing directions (unhelpfully) provided by the unknown-and-never-to-be-mentioned-ever-in-this-blog-unless- necessary-students and evidently got lost in the end. so i saw this Arab lecturer looking man(who later turns out to be one of the VIP Senates! OMG! i actually met and talked to a VIP Senate! OMG I am so thrilled!- Psych!) walking towards me and i asked him where the CAAC or wtv building was and he directed me towards it and then after that i was on my own! And so with e few reassurances from various blurred looking and confused students who were new like me but unlike me at least they were informed about the Holy Day of Taaruf. I saw the entrance to the Hall and stood nervously outside catching some calming breaths and mustering what little confidence i had at that time and i entered...

...and was met with an army of purple and white students who filled the whole hall! I was gobsmacked! And i was very very embarrassed because one, i was late (yea the speaker was already directing the students on some unnecessary service that the students will-trust me- never use!) two, i was like the only one there who wasnt wearing the Holy Taaruf Attire (and wehose fault is that! Miss-im-in-charge-here-so-ignore-my-foot-stuck-up-my-ass-expression-okay!) and three, I just couldn't find any familiar faces that would at least comfort me! AHHHH!!

Well, i was like just standing there like some stranded donkey who didnt know where to go and if it hadnt been for the kind and courteous (a bit phreaky) comittee member who had an advertisemant stuck to the front of his shirt which advertised that his name was Abdallah and that he was doing Engineering [Note: In UIA they disguise these advertisement's true nature and purpose by calling them "Matric Cards"] He came up to me and unhelpfully pointed out that i wasn't wearing the Holy Taaruf uniform and that i didnt have the OTK (Official Taaruf "Kit") on my back and the super secret super heavy OTF (Official Taaruf File) which to them seemed like such a huge issue! And the one thing that we new students cant be seen without or else...

I patiently explained my messed up situation to him and he like cut me off in the middle of my dialogue and ushered me to the back seat where other rejects who apparently weren't informed about the previous day were sitting and (here's the huge surprise!) they were all international students too- I mean Neither of them were M****s! WOW!

So i sat down in my un-VIP seat and leaned back in my chair not even listening to the speech that was being given by the- er.... whoever he is and was looking around, just you know checking out the situation and stuff, yea. I looked in front of me and saw 2 very familiar faces and it turns out to be my juniors Mary** and Sandra** and their friends so phew! i at least had people i could like hang out with without feeling awkward. And they introduced me to their other friends Sally**, Reba** and Ally**. (well, more about them later) And they were like my hang out crew. The boring briefing dragged on till it came time for the course registration online thingy.

But before that they sorta announced that all those without uniforms and the OTK to please assemble at the back thank you. So us phreaks of UIA assembled around one committee member who looked like she really didnt care whether you have those things or not. She threateningly told us that we weren't allowed to wear short tops/jeans(she said this while giving me the once-over to prove her point) and other items that were not taaruf related. So we all complained that it wasn't our fault that we didnt get it but the admin's fault and they said that they will "try" to order extra ones for us and they practically forced me to buy a white skirt which i might never wear again! I mean gosh! i Shelled out 35 bucks for that! And a white scarf which i shelled out 10 bucks for- 45 in all!

The online reg went well but the crappiest part was that just when i was about to add the sixth subject the Online register thing automatically shut down and i was like WTF? I mean, god! You sdont just Automatically turn off the thing like duude! Like some of us were like not done with the damn thing!

Then later we had lunch where we were provided with free food. And yea that was funny because right before we took the food the comittee member who was serving the food stopped us and crazily told us that if the chicken tasted "weird" Then we shouldn't eat it. Which is stupid because by then it would be too late and we would all be dead of food poisoning. But we took it anyway mentally deciding that if we do collapse or end up having diarrhoea for the rest of our lives then UIA will pay the compensation.

Next was the Bai'ah ceremony where you literally and seriously stand upright with your back all straight and then raise your right hand (remember people- right hand) up when the Final Countdown begins to do so and then with your left hand you hold the stupid Oath sheet and swear youself to secrecy in front of the VIP Senate leaders who really dont give a shit wghether you do it or not. I mean its not like they will notice you or anything. And OMG! When the VIP entered they had this super EPIC song that resonated through the whole room while sucessfully deafening our ears.

No thanks for that! And while the, i dunno, Dean of Something Really Important came up and said his really boorriiinngg speech that helped me regain my sleep in my chair in the phreak section of the hall. And then after that was the Cultural night, which was really loud but very cultural with all the Malay guys dancing traditionally and it would've been even more enjoyable if my ex-roommate Miss d didn't bother me every second and asking me if i loved the show.

Oh, yea, i was stuck with Miss d the whole Cultural Night and she kept unnecesarrilyy bugging me for stupid reasons and making me more moody! Ugh! But all through Cultural Night i was doing what i do best- scavenging the Male section for any hot possibilities (for those of you who just dont get it- i was looking for hot guys!). Any boy my department HS had the most hottest of the bunch!

I love HS! <3

So all in all the day was boring but great cos i met some new friends namely Betty**, Henrietta**, Nate** and some others too and tho the UIA area can be a bit dreary its presentable and at least its something u can actually show off to your friends and outsiders, too, without feeling embarassed about it. :)

So hopefully u guys did enjoy my entry and please let it entertain you.