Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been a while eh?

Heeyy, people! How are you guys? I’m awesome! Well, I know, know, I’m about to be reprimanded for not blogging for almost five months. Haha Fame xx should be spanked! Basically, in these six months I have gone through many ups and downs and they have all led me to a very big significance- I should reach for my inner Zen.
[Deep breath]
But then, worry not, my fellow blog hungry people- your thirst of the inner workings of UIA through the private eyes of me, shall soon be curbed. I guarantee that. Okay, well I am currently in my second semester and its better if I told you very briefly about my first semester after Ta’aruf week. So basically, after Ta’aruf week, we started classes the following Monday and since it was our first time in the “BIG APPLE” we didn’t really know where the hot spots are. So we were practically Becky Bloomwood trying to find her way among the many branded stores in Milan, Italy.
My classes were so hard to find and some of my lecturers were a pain. Especially my Revelations as a source of knowledge lecturer, who annoyingly gave me a B+, when I rightfully should’ve gotten an A-. He was one stingy cow! It was during that time that I knew the inner workings of UIA, like really deeply. I knew who was dating who, who was seen selling themselves to minors and cougars in KL, and who had a crush on who.
It wasn’t easy at first, but later on, those people were very easy to spot. And it was during my ventures that I spotted the finest thing in UIA that comes under the in cognito name of Hansen** and he was the finest thing that ever got viewed by my scrutinous eyes. I mean, sure he’s hairy and stuff (hey, it’s not his fault he’s hairy, it’s his genealogy’s fault- he’s Indian by the way), which is a huge surprise to me because due to my obvious scrutiny and extreme criticism, I am automatically repelled by hairy guys, no matter how cute he is. But apparently, he seems to be the only exception. I don’t quite know why…

And oh my god! The cliques in the “BIG APPLE” are more complex and racially supreme than the ones in “BEVERLY HILLS” and the fact that they are also more fashionable and awesome. That’s cool. So yea, you wanna know more about who to hang out with and who to stay away from? That will be revealed in the next blog titled Cliques: Reloaded which will be out sometime this week, so watch out for it!

Well, that was my first semester, basically, and my second semester seems to be going down the drain as well. I mean, nothing interesting has ever happened and I am constantly being perved on by Ew people and yea, I’m STILL waiting to be hit on by any random hottie, especially MR. Hansen**. The thing about finally getting to know a new place is that if you get used to it everything doesnt seem so unusual and it gets really boring. But with a little dramatic-ness and cool friends, we can get through this, you know.
So that's all that can be summarized for now. More on my slowly depleting life will be emphaszed on later on.

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[[ amiecha ]]

whoa gurl FI-NUH-LLY! and i hvta say congrats for it! xD

okay, u MUST tell me of the minor and cougars thang! how dare have u not story me much earlier??? i'm missin out!

btw, can't wait for cliques reloaded. its gonna be fun xD
hurry up on it!