Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hi, people. Well, I'm not really in the mood to blog about anything at all, so if the tone of this post seems very, very monototnous, then deal with it. The title of this post says pretty much a lot. And yes, my ex-crush is effin TAKEN. Like, i thought that he was freaking single and shit and the n suddenly i lean that he is taken? WTH?

His best friend Rafa** came up to me, Mary** and  Marsha** as we were chilling in the Cafe after a long and tedious day of Semi Studying and then he started some small chat with Mary and yeah. So then Rafa mentioned that he was leaving to I-land and then Mary asked whether Hansen was going as well. Which would've been okay if the reply that Rafa gave wasnt accompanied with a long and suspicious look in my direction.  "No, he's actually waiting for his Gir...l...friend...." (Here he sweeps a really long look at me. ASSHOLE) and then turns his attention back to Mary.

Then later on Marsha sent me a sad faced expression and yeah, obvious much M???

so yeah, actually i would be lying to myself and everyone else if i said that i didnt give two horse's shit about it but the sad fact is that I DO CARE and that I was kinda "Ouch'd" by that fact... Is painful when you realise that the person you were hoping for things to kick off with are not really the people you should be with and not the right ones for you. My advice peeps: be careful who you end up crushing on cos the failure of that is a painful reality slapon your face.

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[[ amiecha ]]

yeah it is ouch for a while then u'll get over it eh? juz keep in mind wat u said in ur post before dis--juz an infatuation xP n btw, u guys never even talked face-2-face, so, it shud be juz an ouch, not an endless wail ^_^! but i knw u'll do more than fine~

anyway, its good dat u wont be handlin all dat violence from him(!) xD i feel sorry 4 his gf!