Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Know, I Know...ZIP IT!

Yo, peeps! Whats up? Its been approximately 30000000000000 years since i posted here... but here's the thing you people have to understand- I was very busy with college shit like naked Greek parties, and bong wars and yeah, the usual shit that transitions a normal college student into an emerging future career-ite. 

My life had taken the wrong turn down the wrong lane these past few months- only to emerge into an unbelievable river of happiness :) These past months that in which i have shamelessly ignored my blog has been the most torturous months of my life. I mean can you seriously IMAGINE not being able to blog for a really long time!!! Crap, its almost like living without a heart for years...which is what i have been doing until i recently shared one with someone.  I even went far as to betray this blog and have started keeping a diary. Blog, you are ultimately free to murder this  sinful master of yours. I know, I'm such a bitch. Shoot/kill me now...The choice is yours.

You know the saying invented by Eminem that goes " my shoes just to see what it's like to be me,". That was how my situation was for the past say four months. It has  literally been a roller coaster ride of pain, misery, and shit filled days when you just want to drive a nail through your throat... oh wait straight to the life center (the heart).yeap, that's a hint to be prepared and to alert all the jugular veins and life supporting veins too. In this sad time of my life, i actually considered getting rid of this blog (GASP! i know!) but then i encountered many many many things that happened in my life and now that i'm unavailable to the dating industry..hehhee.

So anyway this is an introduction and a guarantee that i solemnly SWEAR to write at least ONCE a week in this blog in the hopes of being discovered and emerging as the voice of Tanzania. :) And then hopefully a fashion designing contract with Marc Jacobs will follow suit.

Well, i can always dream rite?


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