Friday, December 21, 2012

"You got PUNK'D!" said The Mayans

Hello readers. 

Yeap, as the title suggests, the whole world got punk'd by people who have been dead for centuries.Oh, humans when will you ever learn? The world has NOT ended on the 21st of December and yes we are indeed still breathing. The earth hasn't been swallowed into nothing and molten lava encased asteroids have not plummeted towards earth rendering everyone dead. People did not run around screaming "Ahhhh! The apocalypse has comeeee!" nor did they start killing the members of their families to spare them the misfortune of going through the end of the world. You wanna know what happened instead?

People were still going around working, debt collectors were still collecting debt, banks were demanding credit card bills off its customers, One Direction were still continuing to make my ears bleed with their premature cat wailing (also known as their singing), Wiz Khalifa was still buying and smoking weed so long as he's young and wild and free and the Obamas were finalising their Christmas lists. The world did not in fact end, because if the world really did end, i wouldn't be here writing this post and you wouldn't see this at all. 

Admittedly, this whole drama about the end of the world is seriously overrated, especially when the only indication was the (unfinished) Mayan calendar that ended at 21 December 2012. Further investigation would entail that the (very) possible reasons for the calendar ending on this specific date at this specific time was:
  1. They ran out of parchment (or spaces in the rocks) to write on and hence they had no choice but to stop at the 21st of December 2012,
  2. They ran outta Ink. Period,
  3. They lost interest, 
  4. They wanted to PUNK us (and boy did they succeed)
Gee, thank GOD I wasn't one of those people who actually built bomb-proof bunkers under their houses to sustain themselves from ending with the world. I'll bet they're feeling pretty stupid right now eh? Yes, in case you haven't heard, there were some rich ass families that spent millions on very comfortable underground bunkers in preparation for the end of the world. Clearly they need to find a better way to spend their money (hint: AFRICA and other third world countries...)

So It is safe to say that in the end, the world did not end, I'm still alive (Thank God), you are all alive, the people I care about are alive and I can finally live to tell my children the story of how I survived the end of the world.

 Now that's what I call:
Well Played Kali, Well Played ...

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