Sunday, February 10, 2013

Could it Be..? Yes, It Could. Something's Coming, Something Good.

Hello bloggers, readers, minions and wonderful people! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, (I know I did). The title of this post is very much the lyrics off the original Broadway production of  West Side Story remade by Darren Criss  titled, Something's Coming. It is a marvelous song and I solemnly believe that everyone should give it a listen. Admittedly i was never really into Broadway until I watched Annie. Then the Domino effect took place and I moved on to Wicked, then it became all about Mamma Mia and Grease.

Anyway this post isn't all about musicals but instead focuses on something amazing that has been brewing within my cauldron of dating recently. I do not want to jinx anything just yet but I do want to highlight something. Dating or Courtship (to the medieval minded). As a strong and sophisticated woman of race, I have paid my dues when it comes to dating. I have dated the worst, the best and the plain weird. Let me tell you about the weirdest date I had ever been on. It was with this guy named Phil, from Germany and we sort of met through an online social networking site. We chatted for a week before he asked me out for drinks. Being the classic moron, I agreed without Googling him first and we ended up having dinner at this really wonderful place. The date started out fine and then he tested my patience by smoking a fag. I ignored that gesture and resumed putting on my cheerful demeanor. The deal was eventually broken when he excused himself too many times to the bathroom (15 times to be exact). After ever five minutes of our conversation he bolted off to the bathroom and spent 5 minutes with his crystal meth (I mean what else could he have been doing in there periodically?). I was so annoyed by the date that I didnt order any food and went home hungry. Phil is now on my blacklist.

Not all my dates were terrible at all. I had the best date of my life during my "ex" era. As far as I can remember (I conditioned my brain to eliminate any traces of that asshole from my pure and innocent mind), he took me out to watch a movie- the movie was I am number 4 and it was so boring, I slept in the cinema like a vegetable- and then later we had some very unhealthy dinner at a pizza parlor which ended in the seal of a kiss. That was also the week in which he was convinced he liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend (boy, was his dick chatty). Months later I did the right thing and dumped his ass. Anyway that's another story for another time. So admittedly, that date was a great one...

...Until the one I recently had with this French (Ooh la la) guy named Jack**. To sum it up it was so simple and so amazing that I actually did the unthinkable and agreed to another hangout. The thing about Jack is that he is the sweetest guy I have ever met so far in my life and he exemplifies everything that I have ever wanted in a guy: humor, looks and personality. His humor is just amazing! I easily laugh at his jokes and he laughs at mine. We insult each others' race without feeling offended , we poke fun at our insecurities without going too far and the best (and most essential part ) is that HE UNDERSTANDS MY SARCASM! I'll be damned! its so rare to find a guy who truly understands sarcasm at all. He was just a cherry in the wild thorn-berries. In terms of looks, personally I'm not the type to focus too much on a person's looks (EXHIBIT A: My ex). I live by the philosophy that a guy's looks will appeal to me when his personality and humor appeals to me. and this applies to Jack. Maybe to some he might not pass off as handsome but to me, he is indeed good looking to me. His personality definitely matches mine and is amazing too.

So far, we have hung out four times- two of those with friends- and we have been alone twice (once I actually hung out with him for the whole day). They were very wonderful indeed and each time, I want to hang out with him even more. Is this a crush developing? Or some pretty bad misconceptions? Whatever it is, It's really doing me in. I think about him all the time and I wait anxiously to see whether he texts or not. Our text messages are rife with inside jokes and humor and some flirting here and there but then again it doesn't give anything away; I'm not sure whether he likes me or not.

I could always do the unthinkable and *GASP* ask! But then again there's the risk of rejection. (Honestly, I know that the chances of him liking me back is really high because he hasnt exactly hidden it at all, but then again, chances are just that.... chances). Honestly right now, I've been having pleasant dreams when he would ask me to be his girlfriend and then we would have a happy relationship (hopefully). But from the way things are going, this might take a long while to come by.  Chances are, that he and I will definitely have a "connection" and things will work out for us in the end. So ultimately, its is safe to say that, this might end up well or badly- it is after all still my very own fairytale in which I am in command of. ;)

Dating might not be for anybody, and just because you have been unlucky doesnt mean that you can't always try dating again and again. Its a repeat process that needs time and patience. One should NEVER set ridiculously high expectations on a date and they definitely shouldn't anticipate more than they can handle. So amidst whatever useless advice I'd given you, I'm sure there is some useful rambling you can extract too. :) For me, it's confusion all the way...

 **Names have been protected for the purpose of not jinxing anything yet.

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