Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arhthur's Day 2013: The Wanted, All American Rejects & Five For Fighting

Wow! All I can say is WOW. Hello readers, as most of you would know, there was a worldwide celebration of Arthur's Day on the 26th of September 2013 and the 27th of September 2013. Various acts were invited to please and entertain the audience on this day. But hold on, who's Arthur, you ask? Well Arthur is (I did not use Wikipedia for this, it's based on little snippets I heard from around town) the guy who invented Guinness, the same man responsible for drunk driving and deteriorating livers worldwide. That, is Arthur Guinness. So this year's concert included acts from The Wanted (I KNEW I WOULD SEE THEM AGAIN!), Five For Fighting (frankly speaking the only song I wanted to hear from and knew about was "Superman") and The All American Rejects. 

At the beginning, I was a little too skeptic to actually attend this concert because of the whole alcohol issue (I don't drink alcohol by the way), but then I heard the Wanted were in on it so I figured, why not? Besides, I didn't care less about the alcohol because my one and sole reason was seeing the Wanted and All American Rejects. I love those guys to death! Uh, Oh... my inner fan-girl is coming out! Prepare yourselves for annoying over-exclamation points and CAPS!!!! Being there was an amazing experience, mainly because I was at the freaking front row! Like within breathing distance of the Wanted and All American Rejects. To me, this was a huge achievement simply because I have never been in the front row no matter how early I arrived. So this was pretty cool! 

The Wanted played some of their new hits such as "Walks like Rihanna", "We Own the Night" and others. they decided to step things up a bit by singing a mash-up of songs from the Killers! How amazing is that? The All American Rejects were as usual very entertaining with Tyson Ritter being silly (there was a point whereby i questioned whether he was gay because of the way he was on stage but then i gave myself a mental kick for EVER thinking that... How insensitive of me). Five for Fighting were.... Um... Okay. I mean, they're old so they can't really compete with the young ones. Overall I'm still glad that they came and performed for us. Here are some photos of the artists. Hope you enjoy them! 

All American Rejects

Nickolas Wheeler impressed the crowd with his riffs

Tyson Ritter being... well... Tyson!

Tyson Ritter Belting to the tune of "I Wanna"

The Entire Band

The Wanted

From Left: Siva 'Cheeky' Kaneswaran, Tom 'Whatever' Parker, Max 'Hottie' George, Jay 'Sexy' McGuinness & Nathan 'Cutie' Sykes

Nathaaaaannnnnn Sykes

Max George Being really hot! (Yes,  I was THAT close to the stage)

The Wanted on stage

So Hot!- Siva and Jay
Five For Fighting

(Sadly, I arrived late to the concert so all I could get was this final photo of them)

Five For Fighting on the left (You may ignore the recently- and very obviously aging- hostess)