Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Stalker Series: Summer Glau

Hello readers and bloggers alike and welcome to another installment of The Stalker Series! This week, we have the talented, gorgeous and ever so youthful, Summer Glau! For those of you who're wondering who she is, get the hell out of that silly cave, you neanderthals and snap back to reality because Summer is the SHIT! Most of you might recognize this multiracial beauty in Transformers the TV series (although I still think she would make a much better replacement for that dowdy looking Rosie Whiteley in the movie) and at the end of the Sleepover movie. Her most recent project involves playing this cutthroat corporate bigshot on the CW series, "Arrow" so the lot of you would recognize her from there. 

Big eyes, slim figure and badass moves, Summer Glau is just hot! So hot that words cannot describe this woman crush that I have on her. I know that most people are confused by her ethnicity because she has one of those faces that just makes up assume she is of a certain races but really isn't even close to that race. Admit it, you all thought she was Asian right? Or Filipino? Well ladies and gentlemen, Summer Lynn Glau is ..... American! Surprised? So was I. i was expecting her to be at least part Hawaiian with her Polynesian looks but nope, none of that, she is American so deal with it. [In other news, Miley Cyrus has bleached her eyebrows]. Summer Glau is just beautiful, like summer... that has been glau'd :D So as usual, for all your stalking pleasure here are the links to her social pages so you can perve on all her selfies and etc. :

So.. Have fun Stalking!  xx

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