Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Stalker Series: Lupita Nyong'o

Hola senor and senora readers and bloggers alike and welcome to the latest installment of The Stalker Series! This week, we have, hailing all the way from East Africa, the ever so beautiful, ever so gorgeous and ever so talented, Lupita Nyong'o! Let me clear the dilemma that most people face when it comes to pronouncing this traditionally African name (as I recall a lot of people faced this same dilemma when it came to pronouncing the name of world famous African writer and poet, Nugugi wa Thiong'o ). It's pronounced Lupeetah Nyeeong-oh, not Lupitaah Neeeeeong-ow or Lupeetah Neeong-oh?, but Lupeetah Nyeeong'oh. The same pronunciation also applies to Ngugi wa Thiong'o, in case you were wondering. 

 I bet a lot of you are wondering, where did this woman come from? I've never seen her in any movies before? Did she do the Kardashian and suddenly shoot to fame? To all three questions; Lupita has been around for a very long time, heck, she's 30! One of the reasons's why there is this sudden hype about her is that she starred in the critically acclaimed movie 12 Years a Slave which also stars Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cucumberbatchface, and that guy who's in so many movies but nobody really knew his name until the popularity of this movie a.k.a Chiwetel Ejiofor. This movie is what really put her in the spotlight and of course with her stunning beauty and flawless complexion (Why couldn't I have that complexion?! Life is unfair!) she caught the world's attention. 

She also starred and directed a myriad of movies including East River and Non Stop (2014), and rumor has it she's being piled up with many other movie roles! Lupita has made East Africa (and Mexico) proud and continues to stun audiences with her amazing performances. Also writing about her made me think about what her fans will be called. Should we call ourselves Nyongers? Or Lupitites? Or Lupiters? Take your pick, because I'm definitely all three! As usual, I will sign off this post with links to everything about her for your stalking pleasure:

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