Friday, September 12, 2014

iPhone 6

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Hello bloggers and readers from all around the world! Today's post will be something a little different from what I usually write about. This post will be all about the new Apple iPhone 6! I have yet to do a technology inclined post so let this be the first. I'm not sure how many of you guys actually watched the launch (yeah, the one with 'Scarf Dude' who is now the brunt of all internet jokes and most importantly, memes), but it was quite interesting and as always, excruciatingly BORING. I mean, for God's sake, it was just yammering, and yammering, blah blah blah, and more yakking. Please keep in mind that this isn't the first Apple live launch I've seen. I've watched two prior to this one and as much as it kills me to admit this, Steve Jobs actually gives a much better presentation than Scarf Guy and Co. 

Anyway, this week, we got a good look at the new, monolithic iPhone 6 and its fat brother the iPhone 6 Plus with the addition of a new product, the revolutionary Apple Watch... which is somewhat the exact replica of the Samsung which was released on September Now being a faithful Android user (Samsung floats my boat), I wasn't as excited as everyone else in the world for the release of these new products. I just wanted to see how it would look like considering I've seen plenty of misleading photos and videos showcasing fake specifications of these phones. 

To my disappointment, the design is terrible and is, straight up, suspiciously similar to the "Bigger, the Better" Samsung complex. Apple had decided to go bigger, evidently breaking the traditional small and compact design that it previously had. Regardless of it's slimmer and sleeker look, both phones have gotten a little too bulky. The Apple Watch on the other hand might as well be the lesser known twin of the Samsung Galaxy gear. It doesn't have half the specifications that the Gear has but is almost twice as expensive in some countries. You can visit >>THIS LINK<< to see a better comparison between the two, since this isn't a promotional post for Apple or Samsung. 

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Another thing that irritated me about these new iPhone is the camera. It's still 8MP and the developers refuse to change this. I don't understand why Apple is adamant on limiting the user's photo capturing horizons but stubbornly sticking with an 8MP camera when they can outdo Samsung and add a 15MP camera! Now that's a phone I'd buy in a heartbeat! Despite all this the iPhone 6's features are pretty impressive albeit only being minutely, slightly better than the iPhone 5S. Software-wise, to get the iPhone 6 experience sans the size upgrade, just upgrade from IOS 7 to IOS 8. There. Simple. Unless you are the adventurous type (or born with a silver fucking spoon) then I say go for it! And don't cray when it slips out of your hands and crashes on the pavement. *Smiles* Oh but don't forget, never upload your nudes to iCloud!
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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a promotional post on behalf of Apple and/or it's products unless stated otherwise. This is an opinion post, strictly written from a my perspective.

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