Monday, September 22, 2014

Black Swans and New Experiences

Hello readers (And those that accidentally stumbled upon this blog while searching for something else)! As peculiar as the title of this post might seem, I am indeed writing about black swans and new experiences and yes, they are both related. In my entire, 26 earth years (I read somewhere that a humans' age changes depending on what planet they happen to be in, i.e on Earth I am 23 but on Mars I am 12... kinda explains a lot of my behavior), I have never, ever seen a black swan. To be honest, I didn't even know they existed! I even consulted my Holy Book of All Animals in Existence and even they didn't mention it! I've either stumbled upon a very rare discovery of a new species of the Cygnus Cygnus (which is the Latin name for Swan?).

This Is Us Feeding The Greedy Swans
Many of you are probably wondering... how did I stumble upon such beautiful enigmas? Well it all started with a text message from someone who will be named Jake**. It was a fine Friday morning/afternoon when I first got a message from Jake. If my memory served me correct, I remembered exchanging a bevy of messages with Jake prior to this but I could be wrong. Anyway, due to this epiphany, I remembered not responding to his request of taking me out. I'm not an evil bitch at all. It's just the timing was the worst ever and I honestly didn't want to create excuses. Now that the timing was great, I went for it and accepted his invitation to have lunch. (Hold your horses! I'll get to the swans in a bit!)

So we went out the Sunday, drove around town and had some excessive Arab food. Then we cruised around and generally had a great time! Today (Monday), I received a very unexpected text from him late in the afternoon. It was unexpected because I honestly didn't expect him to want to hang out with me again. I was a cornucopia of awkwardness when we hung out on Sunday! But I was glad that he did invite me out to have a bite with him at this lake resort area opposite my apartment and that was where we encountered the swans! Sunday night gave us two swans, but Monday evening blessed us with a herd(?)! I was so excited I couldn't give my camera a break! I just kept snapping photos until I was satisfied that I had the photos I wanted. After my NatGeo moment, another one surfaced when a Grey Heron viciously swooped into the water and pecked the life out of a poor fish. 

The First Swan We Saw

The Second Swan We Saw
And Then There Was More!
All in all, it was a great day and I'm so glad that I decided to hang out with Jake because I got to see black swans, and of course because he is such a cool person to hang out with! Oh? And did I mention that today ended with a kiss? A very unexpected one. Now before you start thinking I'm a hoe or all that, let me make it clear that I am not a serial kisser. Heck, in my entire life, I've only kissed... *counts*...hey, why should I even tell you this? What matters is that I don't kiss random guys. Just guys I have a connection with. And are Cute. Which isn't every single guys I meet. Jeez. 

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Lovely! I've always liked the way swans seem to carry themselves. There's a certain understated confidence about them.

Also, nice music tastes! Radiohead, Empire of the Sun, Louis Armstrong, and The Drums are all near the top of my list. (I'm leaving you a comment here because your message box on okcupid is full. :P)