Saturday, November 8, 2014

For F*ck's Sake! Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

Good afternoon world and welcome to #RantHour. #RantHour is a moment in a post whereby I basically complain about the moral wrongs of society, the government and people in general whilst questioning the humanity in some people. #RantHour might even consist of some heated opinions that I will share in regards to food, life and the class system today. As political and boring at that sounds, worry not! I have always pledged to make anything I write sound interesting and less painful to your eyes because I care about my readers (yes, even you who accidentally stumbled upon this blog). 

Today's issue I would like to rank about is quite close to home. I'd like to bitch about the blatant disregard for the disabled in society. Where I'm currently living, it's not strange to see one or two mentally challenged individuals walking on the streets. But when these mentally challenged individuals have to work for a living without any support from the government whatsoever, it becomes a major issue in my eyes. Maybe to some, I'm making a big deal out of virtually nothing but I do believe that these people need to have a certain stature in society. 

They shouldn't be neglected at all. They shouldn't be reduced to doing odd jobs on the streets just to feed themselves. At the same time, face major abuse on the streets by people who are fucking heartless little shits who should have their genitalia chopped off for their negligence. They need some sort of aid from the government or at least some kind of functional system that also works for them so that they are able to make a living not from doing odd jobs on the streets. Isn't it enough that these people are already going through their own daily personal struggles? Must they be subject to street abuse and neglect all because they are trying to survive? Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? 

In the country I'm currently living in, the government would rather increase the price of fuel by 20cents and then siphon that money into their own personal pockets rather than allocating at least 5cents of that into a very small fund that can be used to provide for these people. Or perhaps into building a center that caters to these people as they are human and shouldn't be ignored because they can't speak up for themselves. I wish there was something that I could personally do about it but unfortunately as a foreigner here, my freedom is speech is very restrictive and could cost me my life or life in prison. 

It infuriates me how silent the people are! They are either too afraid to speak or too ignorant to give a fuck. I just wish someone would speak up and defend the honor and rights of these unfairly treated souls. They deserve better than this. They definitely do. Now, before you start giving me shit about, "Hey, why don't YOU do it!?" or "Stop talking about it and do something already!", I'd have you know that I mentioned the repercussions of me voicing out my opinion in this country so unless you suddenly turned blind mid-reading, I suggest you re-read this post and find it. *Smiles*

As I type this paragraph, I am currently working on uniting my friends and coming up with a proposal we can present to the humanitarian aid societies here in this country and then they can work towards raising this issue with the Government. Hopefully everything works out because I don't think I can take another minute of this atrocity, injustice and unfairness. For those of you who have been freaked out by the humanitarian side in me, don't be. As shocking as it might be to you all,  I have always been someone who likes to see a better world for everyone. This means taking part in environment saving activities and etc. So once in a while, instead of those posts concerning my unsuccessful love life and misdemeanors, you will see humanitarian posts like this.

[I am currently working on a pledge to save the Wolves in North America who are being hunted down and killed by poachers for no reason at all.]

Hopefully I can get this achieved by next year. Wish em luck, peeps! 

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