Friday, October 17, 2014

That's Just How I Feel

Hello readers and fellow bloggers from all the rounded corners of this world (and beyond... ok, even the squared corners). If you're a racist, racially inclined or have a dictator as your role model then leave now. Leave before my brilliant writing sucks you into a reading frenzy as this post is all about interracial breeding...I mean, interracial stuff. Today I'll be talking about something that is very close to my heart. Something that is very valuable to me and defines me. Ladies and gents,  I'd like to talk about interracial dating. Nowadays, it's pretty normal to see plenty of interracial couples with even cuter interracial kids. The rate at which this has increased over the years is overwhelming to the point that it is now normal. 

Previously, when seeing someone new, one's friends would usually assume that she/he is dating someone of the same race.  Nowadays, it's become normal to ask them if their partner is of the same race. Crazy huh? In a good way. Now I have always been a very strong advocate of interracial dating/relationships/whatever-the-arrangement-was, and I have condemned  those who believe that it's the worst thing ever! I have always been supportive and encouraging of those that decide to pursue someone of a different race because I believe that it is beautiful to be accepting of each other in that way. It particularly makes me happy to see such couples. I'm not a creep or anything... its just... It warms my heart? (Ok, I sound so creepy!) 

Sitting on this train, my mind wanders and ponders on my predisposition  towards interracial dating/relationships. (Also, trying to remember the lyrics to a particularly engaging Indonesian song). I guess for me, it all started back in high school. Because I wasn't living in my native country, I attended  an international school at the country I was residing in. And this particular country back then (circa 2002) did not have much immigrants, hence making me and my brothers the only obvious Africans there until they started trailing in like spilled rice. So being the only African  there meant only white/Chinese/Indians were present. The Chinese didn't appeal to me (their eyes had nothing to do with it neither did their um... small size), nor did the Indians (I'm talking Tamil Indians who were the closest to Africans in my high school). So my only candidates for crushes were white guys which, to be honest, weren't exactly easy to come by considering most of them came for exchange programs and were only interested in overly excessive Asian girls. Dicks. 

TV also cultivated my attractiveness preference. It shaped the people I found attractive and appealing.  Soon, I started to like white guys. Honestly, there's nothing special about them. It's not like they have extra organs, or look any better than any other guy or glow in the dark (Note to Self: Find out if this is true  ASAP). It's just that I personally find them attractive. Seriously, in my entire life, all the men and boys I've had crushes on were white (or africast/mixed race). My first boyfriend was German and very white and so was my next boyfriend who was Bosnian and very white too. 

Now, to clarify to the uneducated neanderthals who still thing interracial dating is fucked up- just because I prefer white dudes doesn't mean that I hate my own race. I don't. That is the plain and simple fact. It's sad that so many black men who have tried to pursue me use this as the justification to why I rejected them. Uh, no I didn't reject you because you are blacker than Wesley Snipes (True Fact: In an unnamed worldwide survey, Wesley Snipes was found to be the blackest darkest human being alive, with Akon coming in second and Mario Balotelli coming in third)**. In fact, I rejected you because you are a pompous, cocky, gold chain wearing, narcissistic women objecting JERK. That is it. Of course there are white guys who are even worse but then again it's not about racism- it's about preference.

Now before you sensitive fools start ranting on about, "Oh no you didn't just say shit about Wesley Snipes!" or "That's racist! You can't say that!"... um... hold up. I am not making fun of these people and even if it seems like I am, I'm only stating something that is true. Do you see Wesley Snipes bitching about it? No. Then Zip it. Also, in my personal opinion, the black guys who approached me are domineering little shits who think a woman's place is restricted to the kitchen and that her opinions were the equivalent of toilet paper and the white guys I've met, went on dates with and hung out with are oodles nicer, charming and actually value women.

Another inspiration for this lengthy and very entertaining read is that I am currently in a mutual arrangement with, no, that doesn't sound right either. Yes! Dating this guy. Nothing's official yet but things are slowly progressing, hopefully for the better. This guy I'm seeing is Jake** - he was mentioned in this post- and he is a Caucasian male. I am a Negroid female. You see the relation to this post right? Ultimately I've always been pro-interracial relationships, and will always be pro-interracial relationships. I can't help it because that's just how I feel.

My opinionated posts bring out the devil in everyone, and due to this I'd like to say that this is all from my perspective and last time I checked, I had this thing called freedom of expression and speech. I'm allowed to voice out my concerns, views and stories. If you don't like it/disagree with it or are just bitching, then go read some lame blog about how to keep your relationship interesting after years. What do you think of interracial relationships? Are you pro or no?  Email (at the form at the bottom of the page) or comment your views.

**Names have been protected to conceal the real identity of the person/people mentioned and also, their real name is none of your business. 

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