Friday, October 9, 2015

Long Distance Relationship

Hello movers and shakers, ladies and gentlecreatures and welcome to OCTOBER! A new month warrants new experiences, posts and new laughs. So far... 2015 has been an amazing year for me. I met the love of my life, made some very good new friends and have somehow progressed job-wise. Nonetheless, the first half of 2015 breezed by freaking fast and then here we are, it'd October. I'm going to grab you by the balls and make you mine! Now one new experience for me this October will be experiencing for the first time in my life... A Long Distance Relationship (i.e. LDR). 

If someone came up to the old me 4 years ago and asked how I felt about a long distance relationship, I would honestly say defiantly and with the utmost confidence "Hello No!". But when faced by the same question at this moment I would say "Hell yeah!". Wanna know why? Because I have found my soulmate. I am in love with someone whom I want to make this work for. The fact of the matter is that long distance relationships scare me. A lot. I have this paranoia and fear that I would be seen as uninteresting, or he might have second thoughts there and leave me or even worse... we might drift apart. Well FUCK no. I won't let that happen at all. Nontheless, the fear still exists within me. 
So yesterday was the day I bid goodbye (not forever) to my boyfriend who had gone back to his native country of Germany upon completion of his 8 month internship here. It was the best and worst day of my life. Best because I got to spend the whole day with him by my side, worst because it was like watching half of me walk away. It was also very emotional at the airport with me bawling my eyes out (I even had to go into emergency not-the-right-moment-to-wear-pitch-black-shades moment) and I continued to cry when I left the airport and read the birthday card he wrote me. I also wrote him a super long letter detailing (not all but 50 percent) of how i felt towards him and our relationship which made him sentimental. He did have tears in his eyes when we said our goodbyes at the airport which me me feel like protecting him from the big bad world. 

And so as I write this post, I find myself in an LDR sitch. And this is only day 1 of about 70++ days until I see him again which will be a HUGE challenge. It will be so difficult but my love for him will make me strong enough to wait for him. And besides, luckily I live not in the Stone age but the age of technology and innovation which presents various opportunities to keep in touch with  each other aided by the internet. This is something we plan to fully utilize. Our everyday texting routine will continue and we will have weekly SKYPE sessions. Also, we plan to spice things up with... Skype movie dates, book reading days and various fun activities that will keep our love alive. 

Guys, LDRs aren't easy at all. In fact, they can be very hectic but it all depends on communication and commitment. I know it's only the first day and I don't know how It would be the coming days and weeks, But i believe that I can make something happen! I will make it work. We will make it work. 5 months in, eternity to go baby. I hope to post more regularly now as I have been neglecting my blog far too much. I'll make it a point to post one post per week. Hopefully that works out too.

To cap it all off, when you love someone you will always find a way to make it work. Oceans, seas or land won't be a barrier at all. 

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Mandy Schiffer-Baumgartner

Great blog and post! I'm Mandy and I'm a huge follower of your blog! I anticipate every post that you send out and it's great to see these experiences being shared that can make me relate to them as well.

LDRs aren't easy at all. I've been in a long distance relationship for 1 year and it's been amazing. Fuck what articles say and do it your way. It also seems as if this guy you're with is miles better than the fucks that you've dated and have disappointed you in the past (told you I am an avid follower of yours. Girl, marry this man. He's a keeper. He sounds like the ONE. The ONE to have a future with as most guys nowadays can be tools too.

My advice: Don't follow any bullshit guide or articles on how to deal with LDRs, just wing it on your own.

Keep posting x