Thursday, September 24, 2015

El Oh Vee Ee (Baby Don't Hurt Me)

No. Not a review about that one song that made Haddaway popular. Also not a a Hallmark epic about how I found the love of my life on a fine sunny day. Erm.. close. Hello future Hemmingways and Thatchers! Welcome to another long awaited but lazily postponed post detailing the misdemeanors and adventures that are almost non- existent in my life. Today's installment is about love. Or as I like to call it, El Oh Vee Ee. I know it has taken a while to fully understand but I finally get it. I get why artists are so adamant about expressing their undying love for their unknown interest. I get why people are weak in the knees when they're with the one they love. I get why epics were written about them. I also get why people kill for the ones they love.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in love. Not with myself, but with an actual human being that has limbs, walks and talks and breathes. After the failed... 2 relationships that I've had before (Bosnian guy & German guy), I never thought I would ever let myself succumb to a man. After those two experiences, I never really bothered with men ever again because they were all evil in my eyes and I was better off alone. But now... things have changed. My faith in men has been restored. And the person responsible for this feeling that I literally can't explain is  Cody**. I explained how me and Cody came to be in this post. As you all know, I am not the most expressive person. I'm not your regular Sally Fulloflove or Linda Lovemore. But with this guy, I transform into those two and even more! 

He has positively influenced me and made me understand what love means. So in my interpretation, love is the feeling you have when that person's happiness automatically becomes yours. When that person's achievements make you proud. When that person can't be imperfect in your eyes and will always set the highest bar for everyone else. When you can't get enough of that person. When you still get butterflies even though you are comfortable with that person. When even the sun's warmth cannot match the intense warmth you feel when you think about or are near that person. Love is also much more than this. Everything is intensified.  Love also knows no color, just the beauty of the soul. The best part about love is when it's being reciprocated on the exact same level.

Look at me. If I compared myself to me 3 years ago, we would be two different people when it came to how we felt about love. Man, some people can either f**k love up for your forever or restore your faith in it. Cody was that guy who restored it for me. And the only thing I want right now and for the months, years and centuries to come is for Cody to be a part of them. 

In conclusion, I hope this post wasn't too modern Shakespearean for you and that this would give you something to think about in the coming future. If you'd like to share our thoughts on the topic of love, scroll to the absolute last part of this page and you will see a form filler. Fill in the details and the questions and I will do my absolute best to answer them and even feature them here.  Until then, to infinity and beyond!

 ** Names have been changed to protect the identity of the person and frankly it's none of your business knowing the real name

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