Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Stalker Series: Jason Momoa

Hello there wonderful readers and the whole wide world and welcome to another installment of The Stalker Series featuring you resident hulking barbarian long haired throat pulling bad boy... Jaaaaason Momoaaaaaaa. Yes, that's right. That guy who play your lovable Dothraki brute on Game of Thrones (Spoiler alert: He's dead). Same guy who played Conan in the latest movie remake of Conan the Barbarian. And (for those who were born from 1999 onward and still pretend as if they are 90s kids) also the same guy who played Hawaiian surfer Jason Ioane in Baywatch back in the late 90s. 

Ladies, (and men), let us take a moment to appreciate this beautiful creation. I mean, I could have him do chores around my house... shirtless... simultaneously doing the Haka and eating pop-tarts while at it. There is just something about him that just screams "Manly Man". SO brute-ish, bulky, effing gorgeous and so... rough looking, so RAW. Not to over glorify him but he is indeed a stunner.

I first came to know Jason Momoa in Baywatch- back when he had short hair- and looked really young and not a bulky as he does today. For those of you born from the late 90s onwards might not know what I am talking about but hey, that why Wikipedia exists- to remind you that the 90s did exist and people did have funky looking hair and TV was a mess of shows with terrible opening theme songs but again, what does this have to do with Jason Momoa? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. 

Jason then made some appearances in small not very mainstream movies and tv shows and had a starring role back in the days in a notable little TV series called Stargate where he played Ronon Dex (Ok, honestly speaking, I had no idea he was ever in Stargate until my boyfriend mentioned that to me because A. I was way too cool to be watching Stargate & B. I was way too cool to be watching Stargate). Recently he made a big break by landing a pivotal role in the acclaimed HBO TV show Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. Not only did he impress the masses with his barbaric slurs and violent encounters with not just his antagonists but also his love interest Daenerys, but he also managed to be relevant in Hollywood again by being cast as Aquaman (yes the ocean superhero often seen in green and yellow tights) in the DC live action movie cum 2018. 

He's also made a small appearance in this years. Batman vs Superman and will make an appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie in Nov 2017. Jason has come a long way from being that hot surfer teenager in Baywatch to being a world acclaimed and sought after actor in Hollywood. Not to mention the fact that he also creepily looks like that WWE wrestler Roman Reigns (they could pass off as long lost twin brothers)!

Now, as the gracious blogger that I am I will be supplying you with, for your viewing and stalking pleasure here are his social media pages for you to perv and leer at all his posts and photographs:

Ladies. You're welcome ;)

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