Saturday, February 27, 2016

Healthier Alternatives

Hello whippersnappers and too-cool-for-school readers of mine! Oh? Well I can understand that confused expression on your faces as you read the title of this post. That's the same look everyone gets when they encounter the "H" word. And even worse, I have contracted the... sudden affliction to be... *gulp* healthy. Indeed I have joined the health wagon an decided to make some necessary health changes to my diet. Wow, diet. It's been a while since I heard that word. Well this calls for a little selfish backstory chronicling my weight episodes back in the days.

I was always a slim kid. I grew up thin and was very boyish figured up until the day I became a woman and then these inadequate pillows grew on my chest. That was when the curves started to appear. I have a fear of being overweight mainly because I believed no one would love me or find me attractive if I was overweight and it was this fear that made me observe what I ate and made sure I maintained my 50kg figure up until I was done with university. The last time I was on a proper diet was back in 2013 when I discovered that my hips had increased a little and made the bottom half of my body slightly disproportionate to the remaining upper half. And so I successfully weighed 52 kgs by the middle of 2014.  August 2014 saw me gaining weight and by the beginning of 2015 I weighed more. From that point onward I have gained a few more kgs and that is what fueled my decision to kill the fat and start 2016 healthily. (Well that and also wanting to fit into a smaller bikini for that beach vacation I'll be taking later in the year)

My boyfriend Cody** believes that I look great just the way I am, but then again, I feel like I need to cleanse the terrible spirits that have been in my body for a while. All the junk I've been eating need to be flushed out and dissolved into oblivion. Which is why I will be embarking on a full body diet cleanse starting from the 29th of February 2016. Now as of any other diet out there, It is important to do a trial run to determine if this diet is good for me. Hence, I will be conducting this trial for 30 days and by the end of 30 days, I will determine whether I am getting any results from this diet or perhaps I should move on to a better one. 

But what kind of diet would I be doing? Well with today's fitness obsessed craze going on, there are tons of different options when it comes to diets. Out of all those attractive choices, I decided to do a juice fast which is essentially me living on juice. How do I plan to implement that? Why, with this daily schedule consisting of juicing 3 times a day everyday. IF I feel hungry, I'll snack on fruit. This is of course with light exercise (i.e power walking, some 30 minute runs on the weekend) as I wouldn't want to lose my ASSets and boobs too. 

There we have it. The perfect plan for me to love 20kgs and reach my dream weight. 

All that's needed M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. 

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