Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a disaster (and all for dinner?)

Hello again my bloggers after several months of not writing for you readers out there. Today... i was officially crowned as a "Tudung Labuh" girl, sounds awful rite? go figure...There are several things that need to be considered before donning the tudung labuh:
1) It may be excruciatingly hot in it.
2) Guys will serenade you from their windows and ask where you are going in corrupted Malay.
3) You get wanted and unwanted attention from weird people.
Anyway, todsay was the day of my first exam- Political Science- and boy did I study my ass off for it! So me, Andrea**, and Holly** got prepared for going for the exam at MPN, Holly truned to me and said : " I challenge you to wear the pink tudung labuh with that dress!" (I was wearing pink at that time.)I stopped mid scarfing and turned to look at her in amazement, was she totally serious? i mean, as if i would don that BIG and HEAVY tudung labuh ever! Was what went on in my mind at that time and of course i didnt voice it out.
"No, " i said flatly. Holly didnt cringe for a minute and seemed to be in thought then she snapped her fingers and declared that she was going to get me a full dinner, and dessert if i DO wear that tudung labuh. That offer was one heck of a roaring one! Damn! I simply couldnt ignore such and offer coming out of Holly's moving lips for the first time in UIA!!
Whoah, Girl!
So i accepted that offer and braced the outcome of the consequences of my actions. I donned that horendously heavy albeit pink thing and travelled to the exam hall. Man was it a hot day! Little beads of sweat formed in my head and made a convoluting path down my forehead. I complained about the tudung and and how hot it was making me. I was sooo totally stumped and to top it all off, when i reached the hall all the students who were used to seeing me obscenely dressed (acc. to my understanding of Islam), STARED AT ME- like i was a Gorgon from planet Gorgonite.
Get a fucking life people!!!
Anyway i sat behind Andrea in the exam hall and Holly was lost somewhere. Then we had to move and i found myself sitting in fornt of FBB who was really being a major pain in the buttock! (Andrea was unfortunately surrounded by the likes of UHU**, BT, Alvin, and messy and yucky guys- my sympathy goes out to her). He kept reminding me how the tudung made me look like a lectureer- ARGH! The NERVE!!! And the the papers were handed out he kept quiet and all through the examination he kept kicking my chair expecting me to stupidly give him the answers. But of course i ignored him and instead focused on my work and i think he got annoyed and moved to the farthest corner to cheat.
I finished early and busied myself with salivating at the yummy details of the most hottest male lecturer on campus- Bel. He's 26 and he is SMOKIN HOT!!! The downfall of him is that he is short- but the replacement of that is that he has a really sexy accent in his English.
After i finished i went outside and conversed about the admittedly easy paper with a classmate of mine and suddenly UHU comes up to me and asks, without a single glance at my direction,
"How was the paper?" and our five minute conversation went on with him not looking at me once! Instead he was looking at the opposite side of me.
So me, Holly and Andrea made our way to Block-B to buy dinner and after we ordered we sat down and waited for our food to be prepared we spied a coupla people like BT, and "Quasimodo"- his face is like the character himself but he ahs a hot and lean bod! RAWR!!! And then a couple of stupid neanderthals from the second floor who stupidly peep and then hide (yes, indeed they are shirtless, EW) and they called out my name as in
  • "Hawa! Argh! OOOH!! EEE!!! AAAAAHHH!! (in a girlish pitch)"
  • "Hawa, pergi mana ni?"
  • "Hawa!!!" (then quickly hide behind the window)

And that was how my freakin day freakin went...and i hope that will motivate you youngsters out here not to wear Tudung labuhs!!

U know u love, LOVE, LoVe, me...

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haha..what a laugh! you look sooo decent that time.. one of the rarest time I can actually remember u hate tudung labuh! haha..but for a whole dinner and a bonus dessert, why not!? haha!! XP

anisah shurfa

Woman! That's my ex-BTQ lecturer you're talking about!!!