Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cliques Declassified in UIA

Hello. Today's topic is more inclined towards the newbies or whoever in UIA wants to be aware of these people). Today I will tell you, or rather warn you about the cliques or rat packs that are very common in UIA and always travel together- NO MATTER WHAT. Some are popular and some are unpopular, some came from the generous side of the gene pool and some came from the deep end and are still dripping wet. The only warning i have for you is to watch out for them and never ever cross their paths- even if your life depended on it.

Firstly we have....

Beware! The owners of tinkling and annoyingly tiny laughter that echoes through their whole clique and resounds several times in your head. They are always traveling in HUGE packs and are always on the lookout for innocent victims to gossip about and to inflict their annoying laughter at those innocent enough to be their prey. GMG stands for Giggling M**** Girls.

Appearance: Always wear the pinkest and most girliest baju kurungs ever and they always carry the pinkest and most tiniest bags. And they always smile really wide.

What Not to do around them: Gossip. Never. Ever. That gossip will get you back someday- real BAD!!! But whenever you wnat to spread lies then ask a GMG to do it for you.

How their conversations usually go: "Hi...Hi, [insert name here]...hi[insert the same name here], hi, hi ,hi, hi [insert name for the third time here]..."

Next are...

Rich, Socialites and Avid Shopaholics- who wouldn't wanna join the Benilites? Perfect lives they lead, don't they? I mean, They are rich, smart, skinny or slim, fashionistas (they just gotta have the latest in everything!), attractive, usually get the eye of all the cuties around and they live next door. I dont think that they are such monsters- only if you dnt know them- if you know them then they are cool with you.
Appearance: They are usually skinny or voluptuous and some even carry a LeSportsac Bag!!! They are quite plain sometimes(and sometimes its hard to tell whether they are Benilites or others...) They dont wear heavy makeup lie the GMGs and they do gossip but in private. They always squat in each other's rooms and never associate with people that they dont know. they shop almost every weekend and they never eat amountuously. Some f them even sleep 24/7 and they are from the course called BEN. They are usually girls.

What NOt to do around them: Never ever criticize their opinions or the guys that they think is cute! Trust me i have faced the consequence of that already [ At that time they were lamenting on whether R** was cute or not and it was really sickening the way that they were fantasizing about him. And when one of them squealed "R** is like really cute!" i piped up and said "Ew...!!! He is so NOT!!". Bad move. They all glared at me like i was a terrorist and i shut up] When you meet them its best NOT to wave at them- they might not wave back at you or even acknowledge you- just smile. Really.

How their conversations usually go: "I wanted to be a dentist at first but then i dont like al the saliva and all that..." [note: this is usually said in high and nasally fake- American accents.]

Next are the AV geeks,

They are the most dangerous species of clique. They always await in a corner so that they can attack the innocent with their knowledge of Quantum Physics or Mathematics or Computer Science, by forcing onto then the principles of the laws of motion and Algebra. The innocent will yell in pain as useful information absorb into their brain and stay there...FOREVER...

Pulled up pants (sometimes with braces), teeth braces, huge smiles, tucked in and highly raised pants up to their chest, buck teeth, know what? Just look at the guy on the photo, ok?

What NOT to do around them: Never ever start conversation with: Politics, Science, your favorite book, what you think about things/people, American presidents, Physics, ANY subject at ALL.. no matter what it is... actually DO start any conversation with them.

How their conversation usually go: "Today, i reached level 45 in DOTA..."

Next up...

Posh, sons of Rich Politician/Diplomat/ Datuks, they strut around UIA and flaunt their hot bodies and muscular arms which emphasizes long hours at the gym and playing football. What else can i say...they are POYO meaning Showoffs and Very Very Vain!.

Polo shirts, tight fitting pants, tight shirts, leather wallets, nice leather shoes, and basically....they are airheads when it comes to academics.

What NOT to do around them: Never ever compliment them on their pysique or body or whatsoever. They will feel too lightheaded and that they are at the top of the world... And dont try to ask them question related to academics. Why? Because they cant come up with any answer for it at all!!

How their conversations usually go: "Ah...Uh..uh...duh..."
coming up next...

They are super religious, cover their aurat properly and never ever swear (except for Holly** who is not in the club at all...), never go out to dinner, are never rebelious, never gossip or utter a single word about anyone, soft hearted and really nice (except for a crazy one named D.)

The simple thing would be to look at the picture...duh!

What NOt to do around them: Swear, gossip, say rude things or even joke!(you see the TLC have different way of joking and i assure you that it is not the slap in the back kind joke at all... its the humorless kind of jokes that you laugh at just out of politeness.)

How their conversations usually go: "Our Muslim society nowadays are dwindling......Islamic politics.....blah, blah, blah..."

And lastly we have...

WARNING: They may blind you or paralyse you with the intense glare of their genetically unattractive faces and thier physically big/skinny bodies. The are always so messy and so unkempt and they dont care to maintain their appearance at all! They are tha Jocks/POYOs worst enemies.

Messy, gritty, bad, dandruff smeared hair, yucky faces littered with a heavy dusting of pimples and acne. need i tortue you with the yucky details of them anymore?

What NOT to do around them: Note: Dont even BE near them.

How their conversations usually go: "I never washed my hair for three days lats week and i still didnt..." (EW much!!)

Well my faithful readers those are the traits and the characteristics of the cliques that are soo normally found loitering around my university campus.... Oh, sure you CAN make friends with them.....At YOUR OWN RISK.

U know u Love, LOVE, LoVe, me..

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yeahh..about the geeks,.there's nothin words can say coz picture paints a thousand words! hahaha..


OMG bahahaha my cheeks hurt from all the laughing... esp. the jocks part!

[How their conversations usually go: "Ah...Uh..uh...duh..."]

i just died from laughter and got resurrected again XD


ooooooooo my God~

hawa u r sow cool....

u should condemn R** more

i do hate him too

ngeh ngeh ngeh

such a perasan guy



haha thx ash.. i try i try... wait! there is a Part teo in this....

its coming soon...

emo girl

hawa,u really have the guts girl.......
that R** guy....i never thought u would say something like that.....
what did he do to you???
why do u hate him so much???
u really hate him.....
i read ur blog n there are few of ur blogs that have to do with him.......


haha this is really hilarious!
lovin the one about tlc :p


ngih? benelits i am?

idk who's r**...


had good laughs :D