Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Operation Banana #1: The love banana

OH my god!!! AHHHHHH... just yesterday, my guy M(how possessive of me!) Gave me a banana!! Now you might be wondering what is soo exciting about that? Well, this is the guy that i have been all head over heels for this whole year!! My gosh.. he is the cutest human being on earth... How did the whole Operation Banana go?

It all began with a simple call at like six something in the evening from Sarah**'s friend from next door who was asking whether we would like to have dinner with her dada and her- all paid for! (how cool is that??!?!) [Dudez! u know that i am a sucker for basically anything that doesnt require me to fish out a single cent from my pockets]

And so we agreed to go and beautified ourself what with all the pimping and the tweaking of hair, face and tudungs. We readied ourselves and waent downstairs to wait for the man. While we were at it we decided to take a few meaningless photos and then the girl got a call that her dad will meet us at the nearby restaurant called BBN. Gosh!

So we walked there and took the table near the Karaoke Machine ( God help us if someone was going to sing that night...) And then D man came himself and i wont bother writing about the conversation because there wasn't much said and all that. So we left after having huge platefuls of Nasi Goreng with gravy and we all went to GIANT- this cheap albeit crappy department store that sucks dick- to buy several things .


This is it...

We were on our way there and in the middle of the road (i was with Amelia) all of a sudden i heard a call of, "Amelia, Amelia**" We turned to our side and It was Sam and Mika (my crush!). We lobbied over to them and Sam started goobling in their language and I was quietly looking at the ground and smiling to myself for getting this wonderful opportunity to be able to see him. Then he reached into his bag and extracted a banana...



I could hardly contain myself! I looked at the banana a bit longer than was intended and then received it in my grasp. OMG! i was literally bursting with incandescent joy in me that i couldn't contain my enthusiasm at having received a BANANA from the guy that i have a crush on in my uni... EEEEEEE!

Oh, well thats it.

Thats the big surprise that had me hanging and glowing for days.

u know u love love LOVE me...

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krasyvyah yah devushka

heya! man, hawie! i really miss u..
I was just bored wondering around in people's blog and found myself re-reading your entries...heheh..this banana thing is really crazy! C'mon, a BANANA? hehe..but it's cute,though. heehe...