Sunday, July 8, 2012

Easy Steps to being my Boyfriend (Lucky, lucky)

Good day fellow Bloggians! Indeed i have been on hiatus as expected but then I come with good news so don't sacrifice me to Kali alright? In the months that I have been missing...(Whoops!), a countless number of things have happened to me and those around me. I noticed some very disturbing things about my life. Firstly, that for the 3 years that i have been studying in my course, I am still not satisfied with it. I mean, my original line of study was Fashion Designing just so that i could walk in the same wavelength as the likes of Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, John Galliano, Anna Sui and etc. Too bad Dad thought it was an "unreliable" line of study and decided to place me in some university i never heard good things about. Until today I regret not secretly signing up for  Elite Fashion Academy or the Parsons School of Design and then hopefully being accepted so that my dad would have no choice but to let me study there.

The second thing that I find especially disturbing is that  I'm still single. What the heck is this? What's fucking wrong with me? Could it be that I'm not up to the Attractiveness Standards of some men? Or could it be that I myself have set some impossibly high standards for the men.


Well, my criteria for what i want in a guy are so simple to accomplish. Its not like I require a guy to get me a magical unicorn that was sent down by Zeus and fulfills my every worldly wishes... *quickly scratches that off he list*. Hey! But if that was possible why not? ~_~ Ultimately what I want in a guy is:

  1. He can be of any race (except certain races which i shall not mention for fear of being branded a racist towards that specific race)- but preferably European (Hispanic <3) or Australian.
  2. He doesn't have to be too well off but well enough to support us.
  3. He must have a viewable face.
  4. He MUST NOT be shorter than me. Special cases where he is allowed to be the same height as me is when he is so impossibly gorgeous that my brain immediately overlooks his height.  
  5. He has to tolerate me.
  6. He MUST buy me an eagle as the dowry for our marriage PLUS the money. (Special Cases where he cant find an eagle and gets me an Owl instead.)
And this here is a deal breaker...

    7. He HAS to have a sense of HUMOR (You know, the feeling where he has to laugh?)

Yes, and that's my amazing list of things i want in a guy. Not so hard to accomplish right? Jeez, Jenny, you might as well die old and wrinkled... STFU, you damn conscience! :) So at the end of the day hats what's been disturbing me. And to make matters worse, i feel like the second issue has been slapping itself on my face.  95 percent of my buddies have boyfriends. Out of that 95%, 70% are engaged, 20% are married and the 5% are unsure....possibly confused. I swear to God, if a guy with all these qualities accidentally tripped in front of me (and he looked like Sean Faris/Armando Torrea/Cam Gigandet/ Corey Sevier/ Ricardo Medina Jr/ That guy from White Collar/ Any hot guy) i would definitely catch him!


Until then, En Garde people! 


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