Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Love at First Sight...and Smell

Hello beautiful people! Today is a good day, a great day... a stupendous day! If only I could use all the adjectives in the dictionary to describe how I'm feeling. From the moment I locked eyes ... I just knew... That we would create something beautiful someday. We would be a powerful combination. We would rule the world. Right there, that moment at the mall, I spied with my little eye... something so prominent among everything else similar to it;  something that haunted my dreams up until today. Something...I have come to love. Oh, I just can't take it anymore! I have to tell why I am so smitten! Wait, I'll show you the main cause of this intense affection and love. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the object of my desires...
 People, meet Rogue (Oh Rihanna's pretty too). Rogue by Rihanna is the perfume of all perfumes. It's the one thing that I am craving right now. The one thing that I am currently obsessed with. The one thing that has consumed me ever since I sampled it that one time at the mall. I'm a perfume fanatic, obsessed with smelling good or anything that smells good. My current perfume choices are those that have vanilla undertones and some sandalwood. But there's just something about that Rogue perfume that is just so... intoxicating.It's fun, sexy, seductive... It's that one thing I need right now to make my life complete.

I do not like this perfume simply because Rihanna created it, I like it because the smell is just amazing. Magical. Marvelous. There I go falling in love again! I have searched high and low for this perfume in Malaysia but it has always been out of stock and a tad too freaking expensive at around RM500- last time i checked-(seriously?! Why are the good ones always so darn expensive?!?). Anyway, the main purpose of this post is to introduce you guys to my perfume themed obsession. Updates about my life will be coming soon!

For more Rihanna perfumes visit THIS LINK (Now I'm doing some unpaid PR for Rihanna).

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