Sunday, June 14, 2015


Dear ladies and gents, whores and s'mores, bears and beavers and men and women, I am very happy to announce that after more than 5 years of being uniformly single... I am now multiple. Just kidding. But really the God of Bad Relationship Luck can remove their unkind curse on me because baby I'm in a relationship! I have found Him. H.I.M. He exists in the form of my wonderful boyfriend Cody**- who's German by the way. There, I said it. I have a boyfriend. Read this and weep stalkers!

As of right now, I am in a state of bliss. Things are going too well. I have an active relationship. A hot boyfriend and I'm just in a good place right now. Many of you are wondering how, when, where, how and (maybe) why this came to be. Well beautiful people, I shall bestow upon you the privilege of knowing how this came to be. It all started on this wee lil' dating app which will not be mentioned here.

So what happened was that we started text-ing each other to the point that we agreed to meet in person. To be honest I had my doubts about him at the beginning; he barely had any except for one photo of his (barely visible) face, his description was hilarious but a little suspect as well and I just wasn't comfortable or ready to meet him yet. So because I already had plans with my best friend R*, I just combined both our outings into one huge group outing. So at the end of the night, not only was he better acquainted with me but also with 6 other people.

The next night we also went out in a group and frequently started text-ing each other after that. Then came a point on Sunday when he asked me out on an exclusive date- exclusive as in just me and him- that coming Friday and let me tell you it was UH-May-ZING! It was by far one of the best dates I have ever been on in 2015 thus far. I literally couldn't control my smiles around him after that. I couldn't stop thinking about him after that either. And we both couldn't stop text-ing each other after that.

This feeling that I currently have towards him is just immense and amazing too. I honestly have never felt this way for anybody in my life- thus far. And the best part about this is that this feeling is being reciprocated-TENFOLD. And trust me guys, it's great to know that someone is out there who actually misses you and actually wants to be with you. Fantastic.

We've both agreed to take this to the next level... being Nutella mates. Just kidding! We've mutually agreed to do whatever we can to make this relationship last for long. This is unlike the others I've bee on. This is serious. So serious that I'm so scared that this might all be a dream which I will wake out of someday and only hope it would be real. Except it's not a dream. It's my reality.


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