Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Job I Hate

Hello and tally ho everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus but I was seriously deciding between what to post first and every time I wanted to get to it, something came in the way! But now that I have all the time in the world I'll get straight to it. 

I hate my job. It sucks. It's terrible. I despise it. But why, O, why am I still in it, you ask? Because of the money. There I said it. It's because of the money. Plus, I'm in no position to choose the job of my dreams as I live in a country whereby I do not have the liberty to choose the job I want because not every company wants me (with my super duper cool qualifications too!). To be honest, If I wasn't in this job, I would not have any means of survival, I would not have the money to support myself. 

That's the thing. Sometimes in life we can't choose the life that we want or the job that we want. Sometimes you have to make do and struggle with what you have right now. My moral principle in life is to do something, but to do it well aka excel in it and failure is something that I can't handle. I just have to excel in this job too. Let's just say that the job is terrible. Honestly, what I do is something beyond my tolerance nor is it something beyond my interest.

The job I'm currently in involves selling. It can be craftily described in a variety of ways but at the end of the day, It's still selling. No matter how much sparkle you add to it or how much polish you glaze over it, it's still FUCKING SELLING. And I dislike it. So much. Sometimes I literally want to just walk out in the middle of operations and never come back again. If i could, I would. But I can't so I shan't. Basically several reason could contribute to the overall terribleness of this job. Number one would be the targets. The targets that need to be achieved monthly by the salespeople are quite unrealistic especially in the respective, relevant market.

Secondly, the projects that we are selling. I'll be very fair to say that we do seldom sell projects that end up selling very well... and then we sell projects that end up not making ANY sales. Why? Because a lack of proper research has been done.  Think about it. Why would anyone keep signing up for the same event organized annually if the content has barely changed over the years? Or why would they sign up for an event that contributes nothing to their overall professional development.

At the end of the day, this job is my only source of income and hence I will have to do it well in order to achieve results. Secondly, my job options are very limited. It's not like I'm being headhunted for jobs right now nor is my CV receiving any appraisals from employers. Nonetheless, with the support of my family and my friends and boyfriend, I won't give up. I will land that dream job working for Anna Wintour (or Andre Leon Talley... he's nicer). i will become someone someday. 

And so the conslusion is... I. Hate. My. Job. 

End of.

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