Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eja me Cieres...? (Does he Fancy me?)- Part II

Well, remember about part one in my series of unfortunate events...? Well, this is Part Two of it...and this is how the story goes...

After my Emceeing i went to the back of the stage and received high praises form the others mainly Nate** and my Daddy 3**. As i was hanging out with the other comittee members, FBB comes real close to me (like our faces were and inch apart) and he stares at me, this boyish smile playing around his lips. I stared at him real strange and he came even closer (at that moment, if it was a v.v. romantic movie, then we would have kissed) and indicated his eyebrows to me. I was really surprised at this sudden gesture and then he said, "Look, they are soo real! I can even bring a magnifying glass and show you the tiny hairs on them!" Man at that point i thought that he was getting quite desperate to show me that his eyebrows were real. And so we talked for like 2 hours and he told me lots on himself and his family and Gosh! did we have a LOT in common: His mom looves Indonesian films and so does his sister... same with me, He thinks that Indonesian Films are Crap... and so do I...

And all through our conversation he kept insisting that his eyebrows are real in many different versions:
"My eyebrows are real i swear!" and,
"I can bring a magnifyer so that you can see the little hairs" and,
"I dont pluck because it is Haram to do that!" and even,
"My eyebrows are NOT fake."

And also he kept repeatedly complimenting me on my really glossy lips:
"Your lips are sooo like Angelna Jolie," and,
"I dont like the thin Asian lips, but i like lips like yours because they are big and nice," and,
"Your lips are sooo kissable and very sexy!"


Then after that night he constantly SMS's me, Miscalls me, calls me "Princess" or "Angelina Jolie" And we are practically friends now. I mean, what creeped me out was the fact that he ACTUALLY changed his group so that we could be in the same group for our Courses...strange huh?

Dont get me wrong, i'm not saying that its a BAD thing, its actually nice to know that some one is actually thinking about you everyday...innit? I was really flattered that a guy like FBB approached me in the first place. I mean, yes i have seen him around but i never actually approached him in fear that he was vain and wouldnt wanna talk to a girl like me... But then the fact that HE approached ME kinda changed all my negative views about him in all aspects. FBB is not like any of those sleepy-eyed, bad-breathed, snot-nosed, pockfaced Malays that you constantly have to bear the image of everyday- He is different. Different in the way that he is handsome, if not very handsome (for a Malay guy) and he has a perfect-all-American-winning-white-smile teeth that are soo straight and not a canine or molar is out of place, his face is clear (for a guy), his lips are just moderate, his eyebrows are every girl's fantasy, and his eyes are very very piercing.
Sounds like every girl's dream guy innit? Well, i'm not sure if he is MY dream guy... but who knows maybe in the future, if he finds some way to win my heart in a HUGE way then i might actually consider him more than just a friend...
...but who knows...i'm just saying it and it doesnt mean that i mean it...
U know u love, LOVE, LoVe me...

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3 voice outs:

anisah shurfa

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yeah babeh!!! That was absolutely brilliant!! :-D You and FBB? Totally adorable. And he is cute. No, wait, he's pretty. A pretty boy and a pretty girl. One pretty boy with perfect eyebrows, one pretty girl with perfect lips.

Oh man. You two are a match made in heaven.



nyahahaha yeah nisah sooooooo true!!! what's this suddenly eh? always in class you go all annoyed that he's staring at you then now you're considering eh...? Ohooooo Sean hun I never knew nyahahha....

you two are perfectly cute! Awwww...


WTF?!?!?! MIK!!!!!

amiechaJust so you know i am annoyed at the fact that he infact does stare at me all the time...its rather uncomfortable u know that? Yeesh!!!

anisah shurfa just so you know...i agree with the fact that he is indeed a pretty boy (duh!) yeeaahhhhh what is up with that last comment dearie?!? oh! BTW we mite b going out this wek soon.

ciao you infidels!

u know u Love, LOVE, LoVe me...

xoxo hawa