Friday, June 20, 2008

Outta My Head a.k.a Lecturers- Season I:Prologue

Well, hello my faithful readers...I am back...and i have a lot to tell you today, there are a lot of random things going on in my head and all i want now is for them to get outta my head!!! ARGH!!! Things are like literally spinning in my head right now... well those things have better get outta my head or i might become really cranky!!!

Haha... lemme get to the topic of my lecturers, ahem! my new lecturers.. they really are a variety of people really! Okay, this sem I am taking six subjects, so that means that I have six lecturers in that package.
Communication Lecturer: His name is Sir Isaac** and he is a damn right flirt!! Whenever he talks to you he will wink at you, or give you this boyish smile and (get this straight) flirt with you! I mean Gosh! It would be okay if he was a teeny bit more younger, but the fact that he is extremely OLD and physically bent out of shape fails to make it OK for him to flirt/wink/smile boyishly at us girls. And thats what he does for the the boys, he tells them how handsome they are (especially FBB and R**) and he keeps linking FBB to me albeit pointing me to FBB!! E.g.

"Oh, look at you brother (meaning FBB) handsome and strong! Maybe Sister [insert my name here] will like to date you or for you to be her girlfriend...nanti bolehlah keluar dating pula!"
Oh my god! He has caused me tremendous discomfort in his class but the con about him is that he is tremendously funny! Whenever he says something he will always be acting it out or will say it with some weird facial expression!!! Funny old Jacker! He is like any other 60-something year old that you can see roaming around, grey slacks, blue shirts and all- except his blue shirt has a PLAYBOY logo on it!!! How absurd is that for an Old man!

Anyway that explains a LOT about his rambunctuous and flirtatious behaviour!

[And because of this i wouldn't be surprised if he showed up in class one day and announced that he has a crush on one of the guys in our class- it could be R**, FBB, Eli**(a.k.a sleepy Eyed), emo hair (i dunno that guy's name), or even Sandler**(a.k.a gay like guy)]

Basic research methods and Report writing lecturer: Her name is Madam Delilah** and when she teaches us she looks really bored- like she really doesn't wanna be there but she is beacause she is being paid to do so. Trust me, i'm not saying that she's a bithchous hag who's thinks we bore her to death but she's gotta be more animated when teaching us. She teaches us in this really long and drawling voice like those bored junkies in the streets of KL who beg for weed-cash, e.g:

"Today we will study about the principles of reasearching and report writing, ok? And also we will learn to investigate...[blah,blah,blah]..."
Boring, innit? She wears the national Malaysian clothes and these ginormous spectacles that resemble magnifying glasses (only they dont nagnify her eyes-thank God! or she would look like an Owl!) and basically she's cool but i would enjoy her class better if only she was more animated...

Critical and Creative thinking Lecturer: She doesnt like the world (like me!), she's sarcastic (like me!) and SHE'S AWESOME!!!! I LIIIKE HER!!!! hse exudes witty humor and flat sarcasm which is like, sooo awesome and totally cool...she sounds intimidatinmg at first but- she rocks. Her English is lined with the air of British-ity and it sounds really upperclass- like Gregorian or something but etched with the right touch/hint of slang. Here's how she introduces herself:

"My name is Amber** and i am 34 years there are a lot of things that i like and dont like in this world...actually i dont like most things...i dont speak to you outside of class and you dont speak to me as well, i wont answer any of your calls...though you can SMS me but dont expect me to reply to it...i am expecting to have a baby soon and if u push my wrong buttons then i will be forced to unleash my dark side... and its NOT pretty...what do i like? hm... i used to like shoes but since i came here...i dont..."
She is really small...and she's perky and she actually looks good....for a 34year old of course....yyeeaahhh... if only she and i could join forces and force our sarcasm and evil onto the world- WORLD DOMINATION!!!

History Lecturer: He's Boring. His name is Sir Adam** and we had him ever since last sem for Sociology and Anthropology. And lemme tell you something... he is the best Fumbler in the world! I dont know whether he loves to fumble or whether its his habit or something... or maybe he's just very nervous with himself because somebody is there... ok lemme tell you the love story of a lecturer and his student...

Once Upon a time, there was an innocent student named Andrea**(she's also my roomie) and she had a mad crush on Sir adam (innit perfect? A and A ...awww...) [dont worry i will tell you more of their love story on my next blog titled "Weird love (orsomething like it?): the series"] and so he's always nervous whenever he's with her or when she's present...and so he has a crush on her (maybe love?) I mean Gosh! i even have proof of his undying love for her! During one class he actually said this to her:

" Andrea**..." ( romantic!)

Anyway, lets just hope that she can learn to love him just like he loves her too... Sir Adam** also likes to say a load of bullshit that is tootally not related to the subject being discussed- and he loves to say Uber lame stuff that he ripped from TV series and Movies...e.g:

"The truth ...[epic pause] out there..." (he says this while looking at Andrea**)[Ripped from The X-files]

Sir Adam** really needs intense counselling. Period.

Political Science Lecturer: Actually I have never started class with him so far... but i have a hunch that its our former Contemporary Issues teacher...and that is Sir Mason**! The best, coolest, awesome, most intelligent and super teacher in the whole world!!! So, far in this Uni, i think that he is the best teacher ever! His teaching skills are really effective and i respect him a lot. He is chubby (in a cute way of course!), he has a thin beard and a thin moustache and he rocks my world!!!

I am always eager to go to his classes because they rae really interesting and you can actually laugh at them heartily and not as if you are being forced to do so! All my respect to you sir Mason**!

FIM Lecturer: I rarely know her, just that her name is Madam Alexis** and that she is looks like a nice woman. (nice, kind brown eyes, nice smile and a soft voice to close the package.) well i dunno- she might turn out to be a bitchous hag or she might turn out to be an evangelic human being...we'll wait and see...

And those are the lecturers that we have for this semester. And of course there are those that you see 24/7 and dont really acknowledge their existance, like:
Madam Hania**: She is the coolest teacher ever! She's plump and really cute! her favorite quote is "...oh...let me catch my breath...." Haha! Thats a knockout line!! She's like really nice and she loves to joke with the other lecturers. [Incident 101: Mdm. Hania** was telling a joke and she was laughing and she turned to Brother Alex** in a backslapping gesture and (poor thing!) was greeted with a really hostile look form him...and did that stop her from laughing? No way Jose! it didnt, and she continued to laugh, as always!]

Brother Alex**: A sexual pervert who keeps glancing at other students(especially girls) and greeting them with hostile glances. And although certain people say that he is like, really nice, he's not! People!Open your eyes and realise that his British accent, charming looks, and hearty smile are all an act! For more Information on his inhumanityness refer to incident 101.

Sir Mohinder**: The strictest, most scary human being on campus...i dread the day i actually have to talk to him... he has this signature walk that is really brisk and he also never smiles at you at all!!!

Geezer much?

Hah! that all on my lectureres here and i hope that i have entertained u and not bored you with the petty details of my lecturers...

haha...U know u love, LOVE, LoVe me...

2 voice outs:

anisah shurfa

Sir Isaac: I love this funny old man! He can be a bit boring at times when he drones on, but when he interjects silly little jokes, the class is hilarious! Gawsh, I wish I'm there to see him pair you up with FBB!

Madam Delilah: She is quite boring, but her notes are GOLD. Ways to liven up her class and keep yourself interested: ask questions!

Madam Amber: I didn't get her for CCT, unfortunately, but my friend Dina did! Madam Amber gives a LOT of assignments, I hear, but at least they're interesting! BTW, she'd probably narrow her eyes at you if you offered to join forces for world domination, and coolly say something like 'I work alone'

Sir Mason: Now he just sounds a bit too familiar... I hope you're not praising him because you know his sister-in-law reads your blog! :P

Sir Mohinder: He's really nice and greets you outside of class IF you are his student. But watch your back if you get him for Political Science instead of Sir Mason! He won't tolerate any mischief or rule-breaking in class AT ALL. So don't you dare come to class without your matric card, cuz he will definitely summon you. PLUS he doesn't like the offsprings of UIA professors because he's had bad experience with them. Watch out!


OMG u really got that rite!!!

Sir Isaac: He just looves to tease me and make (racist?!) jokes bout me and my stupid i wish he wasn't my lecturer.

madam Delilah: er..........

Madam Amber: I still wanna join Forces with her and rule the world!!!

Sir Mason: I am sooo nt praising him cos u r my fren!!1 i am praisin him cso i like him a lot!!!hehe heard of Sir El Muhammady? He's HOT!!!! hehe!

Sir Mohinder: He is dam,n Scary...thank GOD!!! he's not our lecturer...hehe

and why no comment on Sir Adam** and his relationship with Andrea/**(u knw hu she is...)

u knw u love, LOVE, LoVe, me...

xoxo, hawa