Monday, June 23, 2008

I am Stubborn, Part 1: The Changing of Beds

Hi. Todays blog post is all about stubborn roomies who don't really wanna listen to their own rules (or even others). Well, in my dorm there are two of them- Amelia** and Sarah**. They are very very good friends...don't get me wrong, its just that they are stubborn!! You are probably wondering why i am saying this without any proof at all well guess what? I HAVE PROOF OF THIS according to these cases:

CASE #1:The Changing of beds
Ok, we just came back from Holidays (yea, that same holiday where FBB approached me) and before the holidays we all agreed between us ["Us" here refers to- Amelia**, Sarah**, Andrea**, Omaira**, Francesca**, me, Holly**, Angy** and Jessie**] that we would reserve new beds for next sem because we are like on the top bunk of the bed and its very very strenuous to climb all the way there just to sleep or to rest (except for Andrea** who is comfortable where she was...) .

Great idea right and rightfully when someone reserves their place by putting their things there then they own that place right? But not according to Amelia**. Amelia wanted this Malay Girl under her before(lets call her Adi**)'s bed but Adi** (smart girl) didnt move her stuff and so that bed was still hers. And so Amelia** had no choice but to change beds...she spotted a bed in the corner and then selected that bed (but the thing is that the corner is dark and creepy and you dont get any fan at all!) and then she and Sarah** came up with this brilliant- albeit really stupid idea- of moving that bed in between Omaira**/ Serena** and Holly**/Alma**'s bed. Smart, innit?


So they moved that bed in between Omaira's** bed and then- surprise, surprise!- there was no space at all for the upper bunkers to climb...Gosh! Smart, huh? and then teh other roomies started to trail in and the first one to come was Madeline** (whom Sarah took the bed from). Her eyes were wide with shock at this new change and then S explained the situation and M went to her mother who called S "gila" [Crazy in English] and went off in a huff.

Our other roomie was more understanding- Aly** and she just accepted the whole situation calmly. Thena day after that whole fiasco, Amelia** had the nerve to actually ask for Adi's** bed and to exchange with her! Yeesh, these peope!! So poor Adi, she had to change beds outta niceness and so these are the new arrangements of the beds...

Desiree**/new student...Jessie**/new student...Angy**/new student... Sarah**/Alana**... [currently] Amelia**/Madeline**... Francesca**/Marie**..., and then on the left side, Omaira**/Aly**...Adi**/Serena**..Holly**/Alma**..and me/Andrea**...

Crappy Arrange ment much? Solmnly agreed upon!

Await episode two of I Am Stubborn: The Desk-Snatcher a.k.a Why Study Late?

U know u Love, LoVe, LOVE me....

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