Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wanted at F.O.S... aka Call me Mrs George-Kaneswaran-McGuiness

Before we begin this post, I shall warn you that this was not posted by funny, awesome and highly intellectual Jenny but it was posted by silly, excited, mindless 16 year old Jenny (What can I do? The Wanted bring out my inner child!). Good morning bloggers and welcome to the The Wanted miniseries starring the ever so handsome Nathan Sykes, the ever so naughty Jay McGuiness, the ever so sexy Max George, the ever so gorgeous Siva Kaneswaran and the ever so boring Tom Parker. Yes, Wanted fans, I have done the inevitable and I have met the naughty boys yesterday at F.O.S ( for their offers/contests/and whatnot). The journey there was definitely worth it and I missed all my evening classes just so I could meet them. Despite the huge crowd we were able to make it to the middle lane and made some new friends along the way. How amazing! So less talk and more photos. The photos are not really that good but they were the best that I could take and from the angle I was in but... Enjoy!

The ever so naughty Jay McGuiness with his cute unruly curls.

The boys (Tom Parker, Max George and Jay McGuiness).. all chummy with their fans

When they were leaving the store

Siva Kaneswaran blowing me a kiss... oh  SIGH!!!

The Wonderful boys. Love you guys!

True to life posters of them outside the store

2/3 of my fave boys! :)

I spy with my little eye... Jaybird! and Maxxxxxx

The final product... their autographys!
a very satisfied customer aka MOI
Those were what I could take at that time and regardless of their turnout It was amazing! I really enjoyed seeing them. BTW, our conversation went like this (trust me, its imprinted into my mind like a tattoo):

Nathan Sykes:  Hi, hello there love! are you alright? 
Me: *Nodding like a mute ape* Mhm
Nathan Sykes: That's great! You're so cute! and I love your shirt! 
Me: *Stupidly saunters away nodding* Thanks! 
Siva Kaneswaran: (Smiles for the first 6 seconds) Hello beautiful! How are you? 
Me: *dumbfucked expression* I'm Good *clears throat* thanks! 
Siva Kaneswaran: That's great! We love you yea! You got stunning eyes! 
Me: *does the Mambo Number 5 in her heart*
Tom Parker: (Can i just skip this part? Not much conversation happened anyway)
Max George: Hi lovely! How are you? You've got such beautiful eyes! 
Jay McGuiness: I love your eyes! They're so beautiful, hey Siva (beckons Siva) look at her eyes they're beautiful.
Siva Kaneswaran: So beautiful! Aww. she's all shy now. Hahaha 
Me: *So dumbfucked I can't do anything but smile shyly at them*
Max, Jay and Siva: See you later then! Bye! 

I swear to God, that was how it happened. I really wish they allowed us a picture with them, that would make my day even better! And the best part of the whole day was that SIVA KANESWARAN touched my hand when they exited. Now that is truly amazing. If they ever happen to stumble upon this blog (fingers crossed), they have to know that: 

"You guys are amazing, you really sing well and your all of a different character. Max and Jay, you make the best tag team naughty pair and you're both so animated! Siva, you have the most amazing jawline every and i love the structure of your face too! Nathan you are so friendly wonderful and very cheerful and its hard not to love you! Tom, no hate bro... you are amazing in your own way just not as communicative as the others. Again, thanks for making my year. (Jay, please keep those curls xx) I love you guys! Keep making music! XOXO"

To my readers i apologise or this 16 year old child in me but she's uncontrollable and I promise to let her have this one post ;) So I hope you liked the photos. I have video of their entrances and their exits too which I hope to upload onto YouTube soon at my channel @nottychickz65 or @jennyramo. Whichever. So just look out for that ;)

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