Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Of Men and D*cks

Picture this scenario. One fine day you open your Facebook account and voila you get a not so anonymous inbox from this too cute to be true guy. In a state of shock and bewilderment,u freeze for a few seconds before responding and then it transforms into weeks of Skype-ing, Kik-ing, Whatsapp-ing and other forms of communication. Everything goes perfectly fine until he ruins the whole situation by suddenly bringing the focus of the conversation to his d*ck and its qualities and special name (trust me, some pervs actually name their wood). This is what boggles me about some men: Why in the world must the conversation always be brought back to how impressive or big your d*ck is? I know this is hard to believe, but not all women are interested in those petty details. We responded to your inbox because we want to know more about YOU not your best friend Willy! 

I mean, you dont hear us diverting the conversation back to the size of our boobs or the weight and fullness of them. Good Morning readers! Today's blogpost is inspired by a very recent conversation i had with an anonymous reader of mine. He came across my blog and had a lot of questions regarding my previous post titled Sh*t boys do before asking a girl out so he emailed me with the email i provided in my biography box and suddenly it became a daily thing. So admittedly we had been chatting for almost two weeks now and from asking for dating advice it became questions related to the size and length of his d*ck. Being a smart girl, I was immune to this disgusting convo and immediately categorized him under my SPAM (happily knowing that his message will definitely be deleted in 10 days if I dont read it). That boys is a definite conversation killer. 

If you think that by selling your 'goods' to a girl you like is going to get you a date with her, then you are most probably wrong. 'Goods' have expiry dates, so remember not all girls respond positively to such requests. Asking a girl if she wants to know how big your wood is and then answering your own question before she answered it will cost you a ticket to Loserville together with a lifetime pass at embarrassment. Guys, before you actually think of doing some PR for your p*nis, imagine talking to her in person and you suddenly whipping out your d*ck! Trust me, that situation is horrible. So in future, its not all about your d*ck guys, she likes you for your personality. Period. Have a nice day doowops! 

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