Monday, August 13, 2012


Its either I've gone blind or I have met a genie and he has finally granted me my 5th wish- to see The Wanted LIVE! They are finally within stalking distance and I now have the chance to breathe the same air as them (while inhaling some of their sweat infused odor). This calls for a special edition of the Stalker Series: The Wanted coming out next week! I sense that this concert will be way better then the disaster that was Justin Bieber or the disappointment that was Beyonce (she was supposed to come but the citizens threw a huge hissy fit over it). It night even be better than *GASP* Adam Lambert! So now begins my journey of either winning the tickets or forcing myself to fish out some cash and actually buy the ticket. Ugh, what a drag! Here is the poster that caught my eye and cultivated butterflies in my stomach and swarmed bees in my empty space of a brain. 

And this is why being a blogger is amazing: I get to stalk celebrities like these without getting caught. And the best part, I just have to flash my "Media" card at them and I can have my 15 minutes or drooling with them. in 3D. So as the poster states there will be three different types of tickets that can be purchased: The cheapest (and the one least likely to get you 100 feet within the Wanted) which is RM150, the moderate one (and the one that will at least grant you 5 seconds of seeing Siva's jawline, Max's baldness, Nathan's eyebrows, Tom's misshapen face and Jay's cute blonde curls) which is RM250 and the exclusive one (one that will guarantee you to be able to smell them, breathe their dead skin cells and even taste their sweat- yes that close!- and one that will burn a nasty hole n your pocket) which costs RM450. So the choice is your people! 

As for me, I know exactly which ticket I will buy- the one that will allow me to snip some of Jay's hair (damn you Max for not having any hair!) and voodoo'ing him into being entirely besotted to me. I wish.   So my journey for the perfect The Wanted tickets begins and as for you all reading this, RUN to your nearest ticketmaster and grab the very best ticket! Who knows? Maybe you might be the next Mrs. the Wanted.