Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome to Gaynesia!

Good Morning readers and stalkers from around the world! Today's blogpost is inspired by what I noticed around me in these recent years. The sudden rise of gay men in today's society is simply alarming. Wherever I turn, there's a gay guy checking out my outfit. Its like the whole world has suddenly become a whole new Gaynesia! Back in the days when the slightest indication of being gay was immediately rewarded with a hole through the brain (an ancient gay antidote), being gay was the biggest shit anyone could get themselves into. Nowadays, being gay is like eating a bag of Doritos and nobody gives a crap. Another inspiration for this blog was the sudden announcement of the coming out of the CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper and the discovery that Matt Bomer (the blue-eyed, brunette hunk of the show White Collar) is (that's right) gay. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams ladies, but i just had to reveal it before any disappointments later ensued.

The most common stereotype of gay men is that they are fashion fanatics and love glitter. That they also love going on shopping sprees and love to hang out in groups with more girls than guys.Little do people know that nowadays if that was what gay people really were based on that stereotype then every guy who hung out with groups of girls, or who loved to dress well is considered gay. How retarded and stupid is that? Just because a guy dresses well, likes to take care of himself and shops at high end, quality stores doesn't mean that he is a bonafide GAY. He could be uh... I don't know... METRO-SEXUAL
What bothers me the most is that society tends to paint a picture of a perfect gay this way. This is even more annoying because we don't even know what the word GAY means anymore. People are confused about the meaning of the word gay no more than they are confused with the spelling of necessities (double C or S?) The word 'gay' itself has evolved from meaning 'happy' and 'cheerful' to meaning 'a person who prefers someone of the same sex'. A gay person is someone who likes his/her own gender. Period.  And its not like its a necessity for gay men to be feminine in nature. Some of my acquaintances who recently became gay are the manliest men I know. You don't have to be feminine to be gay. Likewise, you don't have to be gay to be feminine. 

In the case of females who are gay, its the same. There are some females that are very masculine in nature but they prefer the opposite gender. Its safe to say that gay women haven't really been distorted or imprinted as masculine in nature by the media into the brains of the citizens. In conclusion, this post was to contribute to the vocabulary of our media influenced society by clarifying that 'gay' is not the same as 'gay'. Needless to say that I do NOT support gay people, and I do not approve of gay marriage. Its something completely unnatural and disgusting for me. Think about this, if everyone became gay, how will we reproduce and continue to live in this world? My philosophy is: if you want to be gay, be gay, just not around me. 

PS: For those who feel mildly or insanely insulted by this post (especially the gay community), remember I did not insult anybody or defame anyone. I'm actually doing you a favor by explaining to society the difference between being gay and acting gay. You're welcome, bitches. 


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