Monday, August 20, 2012

The Stalker Series: Ian Somerhalder

Hello folks! Today has been a marvelous day and I hope that you have all been well these past few days! As promised, Chapter two of The Stalker Series will be continued in today's post and of course Ian Somerhalder! Oh, the things I would do to mutilate this man if I were ever alone with him cannot be written in blog form. He is the finest of the fine and he is the smoothest of the smooth. He is hot, sexy, witty AND *gasp* he is a HUMANITARIAN!!! He has his own humanitarian and earth saving foundation named The Ian Somerhalder Foundation or ISF (you can check out more on them by hovering over the name and clicking on the link that will take you directly to the website itself) and this foundation is based in more than 50 countries and boasts a membership of hundreds. If any of you are interested, in the website itself there will be information on it. So more on the sexy beast himself, he looks like he was assembled on a golden tabletop and engineered with the good bits of every human being and perfected to the T. I mean, if he came up to me right now all ragged and shit and asked me to marry him... my answer would definitely be yes! So for those illiterate fools who do NOT know how he looks like (I cannot begin to fathom how...) and for the viewing pleasure of those who DO know him- here is the amazing IAN SOMERHALDER!!! 

Super Hot

My first encounter with this fine being was when he was a temporary addition to 6 episodes of Smallville that was eons ago! Our eyes met when he was mournfully awaiting his death on the streets of New York while being pitifully covered with scabs and looking very baux-eyed. I couldn't help but sink into his beautifully colored eyes and relish in the cries of help that escaped his beautifully carved lips. Then our next encounter was when a new series called Lost was introduced. Our love affair continued until the producer decided to do the unthinkable and killed him off. That was when he was gone, gone, gone... Then, God felt sorry for me and decided to reunite us in the new series the Vampire Diaries. It was a blessing in disguise for me (and a million other girls) as we finally had someone worth looking at in any series (with the addition of other co-stars too). 

What's there not to like about Ian? he's like the perfect guy wrapped in one! Sadly, rumor has it that he is seeing his Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dob-bitch (hate her!) and like all Hollywood romances the life span of this one is bound to be shorter than Miley Cyrus's new haircut. Btu since we all love Ian, we wish him all the best in life and love and we hope to see him acting for a long time to come :) So next week on my stalker list is hot, sizzling and really, really... discreet? and starts with a H..... N........ .

Stay Tuned.



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