Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sisters... We fight... But the love is always there

Good Morning readers! Today's blog post is all about those adorable creatures that we call our little sisters. Sisters are meant to be the missing link in a family of boys and the last puzzle in a family of girls. Yes, its very normal for sisters to fight 24/7 but at the end of the day if something horrible happened to your sister, you would stick your neck out for them. Thats the beauty of having sisters. Coming from a really big family (consisting of 11 children and 3 parents), God has blessed me with a handful of sisters to whom I can pass my adult knowledge to in the future.  The inspiration for this post was fueled by a recent (and still ongoing) feud I had with one of mine. It all started last Saturday when I had to attend my best friend Kesslar's birthday party, forgetting that I told my two siblings that I would take them on a tour of my university. 

                                        Funnily enough one of them didn't mind and seemed to  understand that I couldn't miss a close friend's birthday party, but the other one wasn't as understanding. She threw a hissy fit and gave me attitude that lasted from Saturday until as we speak. What i fail to understand is that it's definitely NOT NECESSARY to blow things out of proportion. Jeez. From the silent treatment, it transformed into rudeness and unnecessary jibes at each other (though concealed). Now Its like living with Van Halen -_-... awkward and uncomfortable. And the worst part about this is that it just gets worse. In actual fact, this feud should be settled among those involved but then all of a sudden other parties get involved and then things are getting really ugly now.

In my honest opinion, the best way to solve such issues is to bury the hatchet and forgive each other- which is not easy to do since the person in question is a tough egg to crack. So the best way to handle this would be to shut up and see what happens. If it turns out great, a loud round of applause is greatly inspired... but if it turns out horribly, then blow me i think Dr. Phil should be on line 2. 


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