Monday, May 12, 2008

How to know when a guy likes you? (and that he has a hopeless crush on you)

Here are some things to look for to know when a guy likes you:

1. Keep an eye on how many times you catch him staring at you.
  • Although it might sound weird but when a guy has a crush on you... he will stare his eyes out at you... it might sound reeeaaallyyy CREEPY but... its the truth and the more they stare at you the more they like you...
2. Take notice of whether he smiles at you a lot.
  • If he does smile at you then its a sure sign that he REALLY has a CRUSH on you. Call me Ficky but... i mean come on... ok... have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched and that you are being smiled at.... and perved on... yeeaaahhhh.... now you get it...
3. Look for whether he focuses on you in a crowd.
  • Ok, here's the worst part... keep a lookout on whether he is staring lovingly at you in a crowd full of people...ewww.... ok.... i mean GOSH! as if its not CREEPY enough that he stares at you 24/7 ... yeah like when you are in a crowd, you are the only one who is the spotlight of his attention and he is tootally focused on you.
4. Observe if he has suddenly taken more interest in your friends.
  • Ok, one day you are out having a drink with your friends and suddenly the class geek strolls by and you hide your face in shame because it was rumored that he has a hopeless crush on you... but he casually says "HI" to your friends and stops to have small chat with them. Now you are like "Huh? How does he know my friends?" while they are in front of you talking like ol' buddies. That shows that he has actually taken the effort to approach you by hitting on your friends first...
5. Pay attention to any significant changes in his behavior towards you recently.
  • One Minute you guys are talking and as the years (or months) go by and you both talk less and less that you even forgot each other's names. When he talks to you he is sometimes shy or sometimes very animated and when you call him on his mobile he takes FOREVER to pick up and then he takes even LONGER to ANSWER THE PHONE. (he was probably sooo excited by your call that he dropped his phone down the drain). These changes are really important to notice and is very significant to notice either.

Well, here's some advice on how you can really make sure that he has a crush on you:
1. Start showing him a bit more interest and see how he responds.
  • Try to flirt with him and keep an eye out on whether he does respond.. if it is a yes... then he is SOO HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! But then if it is a No, then he is just playing around with you and he doesn't really crush on you.

2. Have a friend talk to him or one of his friends about you.
  • If he indeed does have a crush on you then he will most probably be all secretive about it and try desperately to change the topic. If he does talk about you soo openly then it was just your conscience playing with you and he really didn't have a hopeless crush on you... (Phew!)
3. Ask, '[name], are you interested in me?'
  • Or... you can do the brave, unthinkable, mighty witted act and... (DRUM ROLLS please...) ...TADA!- Approach him yourself. If he runs away catch him by the collar and beat him up until he confesses his TRUE LOVE for you...NAH... just kidding (but you can try!). Rarely, (i really mean rarely) when you confront the serial crusher himself he would not confess his true feelings for you at all. So try asking the question Tactfully...yeeeaaaahhhhh......and see the results for yourself.
Tips: Hopefully you will not have to use steps 7 or 8, but if you're having difficulty reading him, these steps are your last resort! Remember, this is not an exact science, and it may take a few mistakes to perfect your technique. Oh and if these steps do fail... then buy this book titled "He's just Not that into you".

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anisah shurfa

Hawa you are so darn hilarious! Your steps are really interesting, especially as the only time I realise a guy likes me is when he confesses it to me right to my face. And that has gotten me into quite a lot of trouble...


ooookay... can i say he does not have a crush on me? please please... some of what u said is definitely NOT true and he will never do it, ever! trust me on this! xD