Friday, May 23, 2008

The Mini Series in The Life of a Pious Socialite(!!!)- Part Two

Hello, again... well i did tell you that I would in fact be back. And this time its with more interesting juice on my travel to genting . as mentioned before, i did not go there i went with my mates-Barry**, Omaira**, Amelia** and Andrew**- and Boy! did we have sooo much fun!!!

Where i left off was the part where we were on the way tehre aiite? ok then .....after we got our bus and Skyway tix (this is the cable car ride...) we boarded the bus and we travelled more than a few miles (i think, i mean u cant really tell cos, there were a LOT of winding paths that we had to go through...) and also according to someone (that would be our roommate Jenna**) said that it would only take VERY few minutes to get there seeing as she always goes there.

In The BUS.
I sat with Omaira**, Amelia** sat with Andrew(!!!), and Barry** sat with some unknown stranger who spent most of the trip...oh, i dont know...DIGGING HIS NOSE!!! when the bus started to leave O and i took photos with our camera phones which was awesome as we had virtually NOTHING to do there....A and A , who were sitting behind us, were in a heated discussion about something (in their Russian dialogue), and B was just listening to music and staring into space and beyond... We decided to take a few pictures just for fun when (as if he had strangely mystical voodoo powers) he turned and so we couldnt snap any...awwww.... Bummer.
O and I basically just talked along the way in between Andrew's** pissing off O by kicking her chair (that was a laugh)!

Out of the BUS and at GENTING
We exited the bus and while other bus passengers were rushing along to God-knows-where and we were just standing there like atrocious morons looking for the next place to head off to... that was all albeit Amelia** complaining about a headache that she was having at that time. We( O and I) accompanied her to a stall that was designed to look like a Double Decker chips bus (You know the one with the stupid red Double decker with the Spongebob-ish smile?Yeah its that one). A bought a bottle of water and some panadol (before that she saw that they sold like ten pills in one packet and so she asked the woman behind the counter a.k.a the Receptionist whether she had packets of two pills; the woman looked at her like as if she just announced that she was sleeping with the First World Hotel Manager and flatly said "No."). Then we exited and entered the Skyway building.

For a few minutes we asked around for where the Skyway was and some people actually gave us direction which, not to be mean but... DIDNT HELP US AT ALL!!! When we finally (Thank God!) found it we literally ran to the spot- only to find that there were, oh i am not really sure...approximately millions of PEOPLE waiting to get in. We all sighed in frustration, but we waited in the queue. The line started to actually move [insert gospel here] and we were picking up speed. When we were actually progressing through the queue, Barry** suddenly leaves the queue and goes to a display window of some shop and observes it...or is it something in
and guess what it turns out to be?

PLAYER ONE: Um... A pair of shoes? [an avid shopaholic]
PLAYER TWO: baseball cards [avid baseball fan]
PLAYER THREE: um.. i dont know [an avid moron]

Strike Three... and you're all...OUT!!!! Haha.. the thing that they(now O and Am joined him) were observing with mounting interest was a- SKUNK!!! Yeeaaahhhh..... so we finally made it through the line and climbed the escalator up and as if it wasnt enough that we had to wait with, like a million other people before- there was a VERL LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG queue there and we were forced to tolerate body odour, stinking breaths and loud voices. All throughout the queue-lining, Barry** kept taking meaningless photos of me and my face and he kept insisting that i am (in his very words) "very beautiful" and " I like you very much" and also, as if that wasnt enough "i love you". i mean, PUH-LEASE! Get a life Barry**...

And so then......

...well, then we.....


I just can tell you anymore...why? Because this is a miniseries and to know more you really have to wait for the rest in Episode Three of my travels.

U know u love me.

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oouuhh..barry** (as u call him) really is a funny guy! hahah..remember how he pretended to ba a scavenger in the cool streets of PJ?? hehe..dont deny it..u laughed whole heartedly!