Friday, May 16, 2008


We are now in the era of which there is no such thing as ARRANGED MARRIAGES... in other words marriages in which we are forced to marry an ugly albeit stupid guy (God help you if you are stuck with idiots like R** who probably doesn't know the first step in "Child Making") and be froced to actually have a child with him and to bear the view of his face for a million years.

It is now the 21st century in which love comes on its own and is not forced at you. I mean, dont we feel sorry for our parents because they they had to suffer that same fate in that Forced- marriages-to-idiots-like-R** era? i do (not that i'm saying that my dad is stupid- NO!!! in fact he is one of the best dads ever!). And My father is the exception to that.

Well, the question that i want to ask is...WHAT IS LOVE? L.O.V.E, LOVE? Is it pleasure? is it the feeling of capturing your "bounty"? is is the feeling of staisfaction? is it the feeling of content or disbelief that you have finally found THE ONE?...

Here's my definition of love:

"...The person you: date, have affections for, are happy to see no matter how many times a day,think about every night and day, are nervous of when HE is around, and lastly love is Him..."

Call me a fickled face liar, but i know that from experience and it is true.

Sometimes we ask ourselves...does love come easy like those romantic Spanish/German/Haitian movies on TV?

Well Sorry BUDDY!!! Love dont come that Easy...why? Because life isn't like whats on tv, life is completely different from all those bullshit stereotypes. I mean Gosh, are you really gonna Expect a six foot tall guy to approach you and to suddenly fall in love with you (lets just hope that guy is not R**) and then sweep you off your feet with his words of:

"Mi Amor [insert name here], yo te amo con todo mi alma(oh my love, i love you with all my heart)" or

"Saya cintakan kamu [insert name here]. Saya tak boleh hidup tanpa kamu. Kahwin Dengan Saya...(I love you --------. i cant live without you. Marry me)"

YEEEAAAHHHHHHH..... as if!!!!!

Now i am at the end of my sanctimonious words of wisdom and lesson on love and who to avoid falling in love with (Ahem!**)

**QUOTE: "You dont know the Power of the Dark Side"**

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anisah shurfa

ok, why the attack on R**?? that guy's my friend. and it is my duty to defend a friend!! Don't tell me he did something to you?


Muslimah Menegur is all ears ;-)


ohoooo... yeeaah the only reason that i attacked R** is because he is sooo damn STUPID and also kinda SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWW at understanding things..... yeeaaahhhhhh........ ok, try observing him then....u will see that he is BLUR and DUMB....