Monday, May 12, 2008

The Night I Saw ET

Argghh!!! This is soooo frustrating!!! A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with my two buddies Amelia** and Omaira** and we felt like trying out something new... so we headed to this restaurant called Belanga and we ordered a special Malaysian drink called Teh Ais. It is a special tea that is combined with the sweet essence of condensed milk and (sometimes but rarely) sugar- and it is da bomb!!! And so we decided to like check out this place and we went in and ordered teh ais.

I caught sight of one of my friends (I'm trying to keep things anonymous here so lets just hide the names , ok?)- lets call her Emily** - three table away and i waved at her. She was sitting with a bunch of typical Malay guys with Long hair and Scruffy shoes, moustache, beard, and hair that was messy. EUGH!!! We sat and a few minutes after we talked (it was the usual, "Whats up ?" "Fine, nothing much.") Emily** hops towards our table and asks,

"Er, [insert my name here], um.. they want you to join them."

"Who?" Amelia asks.

"Ah?" Emily frowns not quite hearing Amelia.

"Who is asking us to join them?" [insert my name here] asked. She blinks at me then seems to stir and points at the table where she was sitting at, to where the guys were howling in laughter. We look at each other and Amelia and i agree but Omaira looks reluctant to go. We convince her that it will be alrite and that i might even be fun.

So we make our way to their table and we sat down. There was a silence before they interrogated us (me and Amelia**) with questions like, "What's your name?" & "Where do you come from?" & "How old are you ?" and all that normal crap that teenagers ask about. Omaira** left and It was just me, Emily** and Amelia** (the girls) and the two guys (Sandler** and Ami**). At teh end of the whole thing, i found out the unthinkable......

The Emo guy... who goes by the name of Sandler** has a crush on MEEE!!!!

What a Catastrophe!!!!

THIS IS A FIASCO!!! How the hell did it happen?!?!?! I mean its not like i made a move on him or whatever! ARRRHHHGGGGHHH!!!! How did i find out that he has a crush on me? I can understand the M**** Language and so i knew what was being said which was like tootally awesome!!! HEHE!!

Then a few days after that i asked to Emily about it and she sooo confidently told me that he liked me and would LLOOOVVEEE to go out on a date with me. Then, snapped up like Jack the Rippers murders, he did as me out- the next day. I was buying A Max load of units for my phone and he suddenly asked me to dinner with him and i lied tat i had a test the next day and that i couldn't go....

He looked disappointed and all but i cant just say YES can i?

I used to like Emo guys.... But now i am a bit skeptical about them

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