Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mini Series in The Life of a Pious Socialite (!!!)

Hello. Today is the beginning of the miniseries of the strange instances that happen in my everyday life.....ok. I will start with the time that i went to Genting Highlands with my friends- Omaira**, Amelia**, Andrew** and Barry** (names have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved in this story.) So this was how our time line went.


Omaira** and I woke up and to our surprise it was 7:30 am!!! We were supposed to wake up oh...i don't know...30 MINUTES EARLIER!!!But sleep overcame us and we (duh) overslept. And you would have thought that us oversleeping would cause us to HURRY Up and be quick...but no... we were Selamber -ly taking our very sweet time to shower and get prepared and to prim ourselves as if we were attending the Presidents' Birthday Party. Then when we saw the time we quickly rushed and went downstairs to look for a cab.


We are standing on te pavement like desperate people waiting and madly waving at the first cabs that pass the vicinity. Gosh! And every cab that passes us ignores the fact that we are practically embarrassing ourselves by waving like lunatics just so that we can get a ride to GENTING WITH THEIR CAB!!! ALL TAXI DRIVERS SHALL DIE!!!


We finally got a cab and we listened to the taxi man as he tells us about some random phone voodoo spells that caused people (more than 70 i think) to die. yeah. Although it has BEEN written in the newspaper i find it very hard to believe at all...


We have already bought our train tickets and sat in the train...god was that sooo boring... but thank goodness it wasn't strewn with yucky smelling, butt clenching, body pressing people who probably never bathed that morning. EYUCKITY, YUCK, YUCK!! Amelia** sms'd asking us where we were and when we would arrive here. we replied her to hang on and that we would be there in a few minutes...(actually it was a lot of minutes but dang it!). Everything was serene and calm and Omaira and i were having cool convos when Omaira's overprotective (albeit possessive) boyfriend called. he frantically asked where we were and when we would arrive. Crap. after a few seconds he called again and Whoopee- deee-doo! he asked again and again when we would be there (the way he asked would make you think that he was being chased by the bailiffs and also by an Orang Minyak (oily man)and his only hope of being free is if we were there Pronto!).


We arrive at the KL Sentral LRT and we meet Amelia** there and all three of us headed to the last station on the LRT map....


We finally arrive at the station and as we were expecting to see five guys there (or so we were told) there were just two miserable guys there- Omaira,s** boyfriend Andrew and funny man Barry**. It seemed to be that the other guys who were supposed to be with us- Timothy**, Max** and an unknown Russian guy- couldn't come. Shit! And i was thinking this was my only chance to be have some time with Max**.Dang!

That was how our time line went. From there we took a bus all the way towards the high mountains of Genting Highlands... and then we....

....oh Gosh we.....

...ok we....

...........................wanna know more?

I did tell you that this is a miniseries right? So if you do wanna know more on this all you have to do is wait for me to write the next chapter in my three day travels.. know u love me...

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oLfa dude! ur really hook on this GG thing that even in ur blog, it shows! haha..well, adi s really i finally know how to describe him!